Android smart phones are fantastic mobile machines that can do so much more than take selfies and share status messages on social media. You can switch your Android Smartphone into a movie theatre, graphic design canvas, handheld workstation, or virtually something else for work or play with the right software. The applications are simple to download; discovering them is the difficult part. That is why we have stepped in to lend a hand. These apps are, such as music, efficiency, protection, and utilities, making it simple to find ones that fits your mood. Do you want a fun online video service? That’s something about which there’s an app.

Best Android Apps in 2021:


Notion is a personal and organizational productivity hub that allows users to build personalized private or shared workspaces. Then you can install “lines” that can be used as text snippets, bookmarks, photos, toggle connections, folders, code snippets, conversation pages, among other stuff. This method allows you to conveniently configure your workspace while also allowing you to drag and drop individual blocks of information without destroying an entire folder.

  • GBWhatsApp:

GBWhatsApp is a fork of the standard WhatsApp application. When you use GBWhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp, you get a lot more functionality. The main advantages of GBWhatsApp are features like shielding online status and aero plane mode. GBWhatsApp is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Because of its special features, GBWhatsApp is very common with users. GBWhatsApp always releases an email, which you can grab from his website or bookmark our blog page to get the most recent GBWhatsApp update.

  • Canva:

Canva is a simple, user-friendly photo editing application that’s built with social networking use in mind. It’s a past Google Play Awards winner. The software includes a number of fully prepared templates, filters, fonts, and other resources that you can use to edit photos in your device’s gallery or from Canva’s library of free and paid images, which you can then post to your preferred social media site.

  • Woebot:

Woebot uses Chabot technologies for good, relying on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and dialectical behavior therapy concepts and strategies to assist with mental self-care and the processing of stressful thoughts and life events. Woebot is not to be confused with a decent — and human — therapist. Instead, the app helps to assist you in self-auditing your mental state, checking in on you on a daily basis and guiding you through mindfulness activities to help you centre yourself and enhance your psychological and emotional well-being.

  • Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts is a podcast app that was created “by listeners, for listeners.” Although there are a lot of podcast outlets to choose from, Pocket Casts stands out because of its intimate touch and attention to detail. Hand-curated podcast suggestions, fine-tuned speed modulation, dark mode, and fun features like sleep timers that switch off your podcasts so you can rest without skipping a beat are all available.


The collection of best free Android applications ever doesn’t stop here; some other apps didn’t make the cut, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out. All of your needs can be met with an app from the Android app store. If you have any doubts comment below.