4 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Improve Your Marketing

 Instagram native Insights tool is one of the most useful features of having an Instagram business profile. It is a fact that no one has ever had a successful business on the first try itself. It takes a lot of trials and errors to figure out the right thing to do. Even if you buy engagements from the best site to buy Instagram followers, your work  ends there. When it comes to Instagram marketing, the Instagram insights tool is all you need to know about your drawbacks and strengths. The tool provides data about several metrics that can be used to optimize your strategy. So here are 4 ways to use Instagram insights to improve your marketing.  


If you have more than 100 followers, Instagram Insights lets users see audience demographics. Users need to scroll down to the Followers section on the Insights home page. Here, one can find a summary of age group, location, gender, etc. This information can lead to a better understanding of your audience. Moreover, you can also assess if you’re able to reach your target audience. This can also assist better in Instagram ad targeting. At the bottom, users can also find the timings and the days when their audience is most active. This can help in figuring out the peak hours to post to gain maximum engagement having to buy Instagram followers. These insights can help you formulate a better marketing plan as you look for patterns in your audience demographics. 


One of the most important things to evaluate is your content performance. Even if you buy Instagram followers, what matters is your engagements. If your engagement is low even, you might need to tweak your content strategy. Here, users can see the results of their feed posts as well as Instagram stories. Instagram saves all these activities for 2 years, so you can even revisit and compare performances. Instagram displays the content from the best performing to the worst-performing. So, you can quickly identify the best and worst content. Users can also filter their content based on the form: all formats, photos, videos, carousels, and shopping posts. One can view a specific timeframe (ranging from one week to 2 years) and metric for every post. For instance: One can choose to view the engagements for a view post in the last 3 months. The metrics displayed by Instagram Insights include comments, engagements, follows, impressions, likes, reach, saved, and views. Other than this, users can also view the CTA performance for calls, emails, website CTR and directions. This information can help marketers determine what type of content to curate and which content format to prioritize. 


Besides organic results and their reach, it is equally important to analyze the performance of your promotional ads. After all, you’re investing direct funds to run ads. This is the last section under the Content tab, where you can view several metrics. Marketers can view their active promotions in this tab and even create new promotional ads. One can tap on any particular promotion to see the metrics. These again include profile visits, number of views, impressions, engagements, audience demographics, and money spent. These metrics can help you evaluate the performance of your paid Instagram campaigns. In addition to this, users can also calculate other KPIs that can reveal whether the investment is worth it or isn’t. This can be determined by calculating Return on Investment (ROI), Click-through-Rate, Cost-per-Click, etc. If you’ve employed unconventional methods like choosing to buy Instagram followers, you can also find out whether it has been fruitful or not.


Ever since the launch of Instagram stories, it has been a hit amongst everyone. They are also a great way for businesses to interact with their audience. Users can navigate to the ‘Content You Shared section’ in Insight’s Recent Highlights page. Here, users can explore specific insights. Marketers can find out a lot of data from this section. This includes reach, impressions, replies, taps forward, taps back, exits, and swept away. Paying attention to these metrics is incredibly important because oftentimes, people may miss your posts but still interact with your stories.


Now that you know how to analyze data from Instagram insights, you can use this information to create a marketing strategy. As you consider these benchmarks, you can optimize your content better to skyrocket engagements. Once you learn the basics of Instagram marketing and reading insights, you can look into the best sites to buy Instagram followers. So use this valuable information to create trending content to increase your business ranking.