4 Things to Avoid When Riding a Kids Electric Scooter

4 Things to Avoid When Riding a Kids Electric Scooter

When you think about electric scooter safety, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is wearing a helmet. But hey, there is so much more to it than just that. Just as there are so many ways your child can get injured while riding a kids electric scooter, there are many things he needs to avoid to keep himself out of harm’s way as he scoots around the city. 

You know, a lot has been written about the dangers of riding this motorized vehicle, but not so much about how most of the injuries that scooter riders suffer are totally preventable! So if you want your kid to enjoy his e-scooter to the fullest, take note of these 4 things he needs to avoid when riding his kids electric scooter:

Tandem riding

While sharing an e-scooter ride with a friend is one of the most delightful things ever, it is not advisable to tandem ride when using this e-ride. This is because no matter how big or heavy-duty you think your child’s e-scooter is, it will never have enough room for two people. Doubling up on an e-scooter will not only make it hard for your child to steer, but it might also ruin his e-ride altogether. Remember, e-scooters are only allowed to carry a certain amount of weight. If he goes beyond that weight limit, chances are it will break.

Reckless driving

This is common sense, right? Unfortunately, many e-scooter riders tend to enjoy their e-ride so much they tend to forget to err on the side of caution when on the road. While e-scooter regulations vary from city to city, being careful on the road is a rule that applies to every e-scooter around the world. So to make sure your child is safe during his ride, teach him to always keep his eyes on the road and be aware of vehicles, pedestrians, and inanimate objects that he might run into.  

Riding a faulty e-scooter

Whether your child is using an old or a newly bought kids e-scooter, it is a must that you conduct a visual inspection of his e-ride before you let him hop on board. Many e-scooter-related road accidents are caused by defective scooters, which could have been prevented if only their owners had conducted a pre-ride safety check on them before hitting the road. You can never be so sure about the safety of your child’s e-ride, you know. So make sure that you check his batteries, brakes, wheels, and handlebars for glitches and make sure they are all functioning well before you let him scoot around. Who knows, that is all it takes to save him a trip to the ER.

Texting/ taking photos while driving

As an adult, you know how dangerous it is to use a cellphone when driving a car–may it be for texting, taking a call, or taking a selfie. That is basically why one of the biggest no-no’s of e-scooter riding is using a cellphone. Using a phone while scooting will reduce his awareness on the road, making him more prone to accidents. So before your child sets off for a ride, warn him against using his phone while driving, whatever it takes. If he wants to take a selfie with his scooter or needs to take a call, it won’t hurt to pull over to the side of the road to check his phone.