4 successful marketing uses for custom stickers

4 successful marketing uses for custom stickers

Are you searching for other avenues to grow your business outside of digital marketing? Or maybe you want some more marketing ideas to compliment your current channels, such as social media marketing?

In this article, we’ll show you how getting customised stickers can help grow your brand or business.

So let’s get stuck right in.

Stickers are an excellent lever to growing your business because they cost so little. The other brilliant and unexpected surprise about stickers is that they’re not perceived to be advertising. If you give somebody a sticker in the proper context, many will perceive it as a gift.

Giving gifts is an established tactic to improve sales due. It’s all to do with psychology and the rule of reciprocity. The recipient feels compelled to return the favour, and that can drive action!

Now we know how what’s so good about stickers, how can you use them to grow?

Add stickers to your packaging

Getting stickers in the hands of customers can turn them into your biggest advocates. Having your brand on the back of their phone or laptop, representing it on the tube, in Starbucks or their co-working space, is only a good thing.

Google states there are ~3.3bn mentions of brands every day. About 94% happen offline, so supercharging this conversation can be super powerful! There are good reasons brands like Apple and Google include stickers with products.

Leave an impression after your service

Here’s an idea for service businesses. If you’re going to the customers home, why not leave a sticker on something relevant to your service?

We don’t mean sly littering. We mean if you’ve serviced their boiler, leave your details in the form of a sticker. It lasts a long time and is useful when your customer needs to contact you next time.

Experiment with guerilla marketing

Stickers are the ideal tool for guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing uses unconventional methods of communication to promote your brand or message.

Here’s a great example. Some simple street cleaning and a die-cut sticker can leave a powerful message.

Go big with floor graphics

Large floor stickers applied to your premises are more commonplace today since Covid-19. Try turning a social distancing floor sticker into a memorable experience with your brand. It will differentiate you from your competitors and be a pleasant surprise for customers. 
We hope you’ve enjoyed these four ideas and that they help to grow your business using stickers. If you have any comments, ideas or questions, please let us know by commenting below.