4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Convert Traffic into Customers

Gone are the days when businesses would solely rely on adverts to promote their brands. Nowadays, small and large businesses take advantage of the social media to grow their following, create more leads and boost their sales. So whether you are running a new or a well-established business, it is imperative that you know how to use social media to optimize your overall marketing strategy. Here are some social media marketing tips and tricks you can use to generate quality traffic and drive your sales from https://www.whitepeakdigital.com/:

Draw your social media marketing around your target audience

Obviously, your social media marketing strategy will be useless without the support of the people you are aiming for. Knowing your audience will make it far easier for you to figure out which specific social media platforms to use and which types of content to create because in one way or another, you know what their concerns are, what they care about, what appeals to them and what resonates with them.

Pick the right social media platforms

When it comes to social media marketing, you don’t necessarily have to be visible on all social media platforms. The key here is to choose only those that matter to your business and where your ideal customers are, then making an impact on them. If you focus your marketing strategy on the platforms that your target audience prefer, it will be easier for you to align your social media presence with your objectives and come up with content that will appeal to your target market. It is best to target platforms that you know have the highest conversion rates. For example, 75% of consumers welcome marketing offers and news via text messages from their favorite brands. So it is worth considering SMS broadcasting for your marketing campaign. 

Capitalize on emerging trends on each platform

Keeping an eye on popular trends on the social media platforms you choose will work to your advantage more than you know. If there is any pattern that is growing in popularity and you feel that it is parallel with the message you want to put across, don’t think twice about taking advantage of that trend to boost your engagement. Just a word of caution though:  You do not need to capitalize on every single trend you see on the internet. If you create posts that do not align with your messaging for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon, chances are you might only turn your target market away.

Engage with your audience

As a social media user yourself, you know how it feels when the brands you follow interact with you—it gets you excited, and sometimes even makes your heart skip a beat! So if you want a social media marketing strategy that works, make sure that you interact with your audience and answer every question they may have regarding your offers. You know, your social media followers would definitely love to know that they are not speaking to robots and that there is a real person on the other side of the computer responding to their inquiries. Give them that experience by giving organic and prompt responses to the questions they post on all your social media platforms. If you notice users who mention your brand in their conversations, feel free to chime in and seize that opportunity to further promote your brand.

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