4 Shopify SEO Tips Which You Should Follow

Do you have an e-commerce Shopify store?

If so, you have to think about optimizing it to rank it on the search engines. Most e-commerce store owners believe that it is not that easy to optimize an e-commerce store. However, this is not true. You can easily optimize any Shopify store to rank it naturally in the search engines. For the same, however, you need to follow a few Shopify SEO tips. Only once you do so can you rank your e-commerce store.

We will cover these Shopify SEO tips below.

1. Do not use duplicate content:

Usually, when you’re populating your e-commerce store, there will be quite a few product listings on it.

Most e-commerce store owners tend to import the product description and various other details. They do not work on the product listing.

Doing so is a huge mistake. It can mean that your e-commerce store has a lot of duplicate content. Duplicate content does not rank. To avoid this problem, you have to remove duplicate content from the product pages.

Even though this might be a cumbersome task, it is necessary to rank your Shopify store.

2. Optimize every product page:

Rather than focusing on your Shopify store’s homepage, you have to optimize every product page. Only then can you rank for the long tail keywords. You have to optimize page features like:

o Title

o Meta description

o Meta tags

o Alt tags

o And so on

When you add all these to your product pages, you can rank them for longer tail keywords.

It is not possible to build backlinks to every one of your product pages. That is why you have to work towards optimizing every product listing to help it rank naturally. Doing so, allows you to grow your traffic exponentially without putting a lot of effort on off-page SEO.

3. Get the navigation right:

Another problem is the navigation of your Shopify store. If the navigation is not proper, your visitors will not find the product they are looking for. When that happens, they are likely to close your website and go back to the search engine. That will increase your bounce rate.

Once your bounce rate is consistently high, you will not rank high in the search engines.

To avoid this problem, you have to get the navigation right. To do so, you have to 1st create the categories which you want on your Shopify store and thereafter create the subcategories.

In the subcategories will be the listings of the product.

Having proper navigation can increase the returning visitors and lower the bounce rate, thereby helping you with SEO.

4. Add as much content as you can:

Just because you have a Shopify store does not mean that you cannot add content. On every category page and product page, you can add things like:

o Description

o Images

o Videos

o Infographics

o Tutorials

o FAQ section

o And so on

The more content you have on your Shopify store, the easier it will be to rank. Rather than adding the minimum amount of content to your page, you have to add the maximum amount. Only when you do so it will become easier for you to rank your Shopify store.

With these 4 tips, it will become effortless for you to rank your Shopify store. If you do not want to do all this hard work yourself, you can easily hire a Shopify SEO service to help you out. It will rank your store for you and get a consistent trickle of traffic, which will also mean consistent sales.

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