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With the rise of digital platforms, binge-watching and gaming quickly rose as popular entertainment activities. Now, it’s easier to get access to an expansive library of TV shows and movies, including productions from decades ago. 

However, the desire ends upon possession. Not all geeks would appear satisfied by watching every show they could on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other streaming apps. Even if they got a fantastic deal from a Steam sale, it’s something that usually occurs. Thus, the thrill is not there anymore.

Still, geeks can find fulfillment from new experiences or discoveries. Such things may represent a milestone they’ve been trying to achieve for years or a mystery they failed to solve, and no cheat or gamer guide could help them out. 

Most of these yearnings have been almost forgotten. So it’s like digging an old box filled with stuff that’ll give us an overdose of nostalgia. Sometimes, geeks won’t realize that they need something until it’s finally in front of them. Below are some of these.

Finding Out The Title Of A Tune From Your Childhood

Do you have an itsy-bitsy recollection of a melody from an unknown song, which you’ve heard from an opening or ending theme of a movie or an anime show? Or is it a sound from a retro game you played?

Remembering the show from your childhood might help you find the tune. But of all the series you’ve watched, it’s almost impossible to find the song unless you play them again one by one.

The mystery is a lot more complicated if the music is from a Japanese theme. Through the years, your classmates, co-workers, or partner, might not be able to solve the puzzle with your short humming.

And at this age, Google would be useless as you don’t have a single idea on where to begin the search because you don’t understand the language. This scenario leads to another item on our list.

Sing Songs With Foreign Lyrics

It would be easier to find that Japanese or Korean song if you understood the lyrics. You could sing to yourself and quickly discover the title and the rest of the composition with one Google search. But for you to take the meaning to heart, you need to be fluent with the foreign vernacular.

Be Fluent With Japanese

Love the idea of watching anime shows without the need for dub or subtitles? That is the god-tier dream of worldwide otakus. Moreover, learning to speak Japanese is a valuable skill that would be useful when traveling or applying for a job while in Japan.

A New Way Of Experiencing Music

Did you know that music quality is much better on vinyl? 

It makes sense that an analog recording would sound better through analog equipment. Converting a file to suit digital means would compromise quality.

As such, sales of quality record players and replacement Tetrad cartridges continue to rise. This old technology has outlived its supposed successors for all the good reasons.

If you’re a metal geek, you might be keen to invest in some Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or Black Sabbath LPs. Hear your favorite loud and obnoxious metal songs in their most immaculate kind.

Otakus can also enjoy the best anime soundtracks on vinyl, although some rare copies come at a hefty price.

Wrapping Up

We might not have listed all, but we’re sure that this roundup gave you a realization that you haven’t done everything yet. Try the above suggestions and reflect if you have more desires related to your passion that you want to achieve.

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