4 Reasons Oriental Rug Cleaning Should Be Left to the Pros

Do It Yourself (DIY) oriental rug cleaning is problematic. The process is complex, and your rug may suffer irreparable damage if done wrong. Instead of risking it all, let the pros at do it for you. They are trained to clean your oriental rugs and have the resources to do it professionally.

Is it about time to clean your oriental rugs? Here are some reasons why you should leave it to the pros.

Pros Prevent Your Oriental Rug from Color Bleeding

When you clean your Oriental rug yourself, there’s a risk that the dye will bleed. It can happen when you use toxic cleaners or improper cleaning methods.

Oriental rugs come from natural materials; you must clean them using natural materials. The dyes on these rugs are unstable and can fade if exposed to harsh chemicals or excessive heat.

If you leave it to the pros, they will properly clean and dry your rug, so there is no chance of color bleeding, and it will look brand new!

For the pros to prevent color bleeding in your Oriental rug, they will test for colorfastness. Before cleaning your rug, they will moisten a white cloth with water and rub it on a small, inconspicuous rug area. If the color transfers to the cloth, the rug is not colorfast, and they avoid using water or any other liquid to clean it.

Pros Protect the Fibers of Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs hide dirt and debris. If you were to clean your oriental rug yourself, you would cause damage to the fibers, which can lead to irreversible damage.

Even the best vacuum cleaner can’t remove all the dirt from your rug, making it dull and discoloring the fibers in your rug. It leads to premature wear and tear on the fibers of your Oriental rug, which could lead to an expensive repair or replacement.

If you want to keep your rug looking its best for years, trust professionals with experience cleaning these delicate textiles. They have the tools and expertise to safely cleanse each fiber of dirt while preserving its vibrancy and color. Clean the oriental rug between 1-3 years for the fibers to be vibrant.

Pros Extend Your Oriental Rug Lifespan

Oriental rugs are an investment. Unfortunately, rugs can become dirty, stained, or even infested with pests like moths and bugs. It can cause them to deteriorate quickly, which means you could spend a lot of money on replacing your rug sooner than you have to.

But don’t panic! There’s an easy solution: hire professional Oriental rug cleaning pros. Here are four reasons why they’re worth their weight in gold:

  • Professionals extend the life of your rug by using eco-friendly solutions and techniques that won’t damage it.
  • Professionals have access to specialized equipment that can remove dirt without damaging fibers or dyes in the fabric.
  • Professionals have worked with oriental rugs for years and know how best to preserve them.

Pros Ensure Your Oriental Rug Don’t Have Moths or Insects

If you have a rug that is in good condition, it will provide you with years of service and beauty. However, if your rug is in an attic or basement, it may be infested with moths and insects. Moth infestations are highly damaging to your oriental rugs and can even cause them to become unusable. Experts will clean your rug thoroughly to remove any larvae attached to the rug and prevent them from returning.

Here are steps that experts may take to clean your Oriental rug and prevent moth or insect infestations:

  • Inspection: They will inspect the oriental rug for signs of damage or infestations. Any damaged or weakened areas get repaired or reinforced to prevent further damage.
  • Dusting: They remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may attract moths or insects.
  • Vacuuming: They vacuum thoroughly to remove any remaining debris and any eggs or larvae that may be present.
  • Washing: The pros will wash your oriental rug using a non-toxic cleaning solution and cold water. They select the cleaning solution carefully to ensure it does not damage the fibers or dyes in the rug.
  • Drying: The rug gets dried thoroughly to prevent moisture accumulation from avoiding mold or mildew growth.

Choosing a reputable and experienced rug cleaner ensures your rug gets treated properly and effectively. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent infestations and keep your Oriental rug looking beautiful for years.

Oriental rug cleaning demands an expert’s touch. A poorly cleaned rug can destroy your prized decoration and cost you a lot of money. Many problems must be addressed when cleaning rugs, including integrated and loose knots, frayed threads, dyes that come off or fade, wear and tear to the silk or wool fabric, and much more. The Oriental rug cleaning pros can handle all of these issues.

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Written by Joshua White

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