4 Of The Most Popular Live Baits To Use When Fishing

Artificial lures including jigs, plugs, and spinners are great for catching many types of fish. Though they require a slightly different approach to living bait, they’re often dubbed as being the most convenient type of fish bait.

However, there’s something about live bait that anglers everywhere prefer. Because of this, live bait has become the most popular method of catching fish over the last few centuries. 

Whatever type of water you are fishing in, there are a few universal things to consider when choosing the right type of live bait so that you catch as many fish as possible.

That being said, here are 4 of the most popular live baits you can use when fishing.

  1. Worms

These are quintessential live fishing bait and for good reason. Fish enjoy eating worms and find this type of live bait difficult to pass up. Worms are also an easy meal so the majority of fish have likely eaten worms at some point in their lives.

One of the best parts about using worms as live bait is that they are pretty popular among anglers everywhere, meaning you can easily purchase them at any tackle store. However, there are many kinds of worms to pick between which can be quite time-consuming.

Mealworms are one of the most popular live baits. They will stay on the hook for longer periods and are generally much more successful at hooking fish. You can also choose to use the whole worm or parts of it but this depends on the size of the fish that you want.

However, you must be prepared to replace them as they can easily fall off the hook. Check allfishinggear.com for the best baitcasting reels out there.

  1. Minnows

Big fish eat everything in their path, including little fish. This makes minnows great live bait for anglers in all parts of the world. 

Minnows come in all shapes and sizes which is convenient if you want to catch different types of fish. Anglers can purchase minnows from a bait and tackle shop or can even catch their own. This means it won’t be difficult to get your hands on this type of live bait!

Live minnows are generally fished under a float in shallow waters which means fishermen can suspend the live bait at the perfect depth. And, minnows are just as effective in deeper bodies of water, where they will congregate at the bottom with vegetation and rocks.

If you’re participating in extreme fishing, such as ice fishing, then minnows are the ideal live bait for you.

  1. Live Insects

Worms are great natural bait, but you shouldn’t count live insects out! You may be surprised to find out just how quickly this type of live bait can attract numerous fish.

Insects are another example of fishing bait that is widely available across many fishing and pet stores. They are also easy to catch, which is extremely convenient.

Live insects can be used as bait year-round, however, more fishermen find greater success in late spring to early summer when the bugs are all out.

Some of the most popular live insect bait include crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, and ants. They’re also an excellent choice of bait if you opt to go freshwater fishing. These insects are great for catching specific fish species including sunfish and trout.

  1. Crayfish

Crayfish aren’t always readily available as live bait to anglers, but when they’re easily found, they are second to none! 

These are terrific freshwater baits for fishing. They’re primarily used for smallmouth bass but can also often be quite irresistible to barbel and pike. 

However, the overall success of your fishing experience depends on the waters where you are fishing and the natural occurrence of the crayfish.

During the day, crayfish love being around rocks and can be found next to submerged debris, weed beds, or in holes located at the riverbank. At nighttime, crayfish emerge from their hidden resting place to hunt for food (including snails and water plants.)

You should hook crayfish through the nose for best results. This will help them to stay alive during multiple castings.


These are just four of the most popular live baits that can be used during a fishing excursion. Each angler will have their own preference in terms of what they use for live bait depending on the type of water they’re fishing in and the time of year. But these 4 options will typically work year-round.