Have you been to South Korea? Or have you ever watched Korean dramas and got to know the country’s culture? If you have, you probably already heard about Kpop, and if you are one of those who have purchased Korean concert tickets, you definitely are experiencing what it’s like to be a fan.

South Korea is one of the most-visited countries in Asia. In fact, it has one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, which is Jeju Island. But besides its mesmerizing tourist destinations, this country is also one of the most popular ones due to its culture, dramas, and Kpop stars. These idols have created a huge impact not only on their country but also on many people all over the world. 

But for those who are not familiar, what is Kpop? What can you gain by being a fan?

To know more and get reasons to join the fan club, just keep reading this blog to find your answers.

What is Kpop?

Kpop or Korean popular music is mainstream music that started in South Korea. This music can be heard in different styles as it was influenced by different genres all around the world. There’s hip-hop, pop, R&B, ballad, and more performed by various girl and boy Kpop groups. Some of the world-renowned ones these days are named BTS, EXO, Blackpink, Twice, iKon, and so much more.

Advantages of Supporting the Kpop Industry

The talent of many Kpop stars are overwhelming, and the style of music can be really pleasing to the ears. For this reason, there are many Kpop fans worldwide that support their own idols. But besides that, supporting this music industry has other advantages too, including the following:

  1. Kpop Songs are Entertaining

Since Kpop music can be heard in different styles, you can surely find a group that will entertain you. From the melodies, lyrics to the dance performances, most Kpop fans are just full of energy. Aside from that, many fans purchase tickets and go to live concerts to experience the fun in real-time.

  1. Get Fashion Ideas from Kpop Idols

Kpop stars usually have their own stylists who know the trend when it comes to clothing. Many idols are invited to large fashion shows in Paris that influences their style. Some are even affiliated with big clothing lines, such as Jennie Kim from Blackpink, who is a brand ambassador of Channel Korea. Thus, if you are looking for an outfit idea that will help you express yourself, you can get inspiration from different idols.

  1. Korean Culture

Every country has a different culture that makes them unique from others. From the food they eat, their values, beliefs, and more, Korean pop culture has so much to teach you. If you’re a vegetarian or a seafood lover, you’ll find so many interesting recipes from Korean cuisine.

Besides that, Korea is also known for its various skincare lines that make the idols’ skin glassy, glowy, and natural-looking. Many people choose Korean lines when it comes to their skin needs because of the effective Western ingredients in their formulas. Plus, parents teach their kids to take care of their skin at a young age, helping them become aware of the importance of moisturizers and sunscreens.

Most fans who get deeply involved in Kpop want to get to know their idols more, so they tend to study essential things about their country. Other fans even add Korea to their travel lists.

  1. Learn Korean

Even if you’re not attending any live Kpop concerts, if you’re into social media like Facebook and Youtube, you can watch different performances and familiarize yourself with the Korean Language. An extra language is always a great addition to your sets of skills that you can use as an advantage. It will come in handy if you will travel in South Korea, meet Korean people, or work for Korean companies.

Despite how difficult Korean might look to some people, it’s actually easier than studying other complex languages, as Hangul or the Korean alphabet only consists of 24 letters. It’s so simple to learn but can give you so many benefits. If you keep listening to Korean music, you might find yourself being able to sing the lyrics and speak with a little more practice.

Join the K-pop Fandom Now

Like all other types of music, Kpop is surely interesting, especially for those who already have their favorite groups and biases. Now that you have learned the main advantages of being a Kpop fan, it’s time to find your own idol that will introduce you to the fun of the Kpop world. If you give it a try, you might even find yourself truly engaged in their culture and one of the members of fan clubs. Therefore, discover and experience the excitement of Kpop fandom yourself.

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