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4 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Did you know that around 95%-96% of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial? If you were recently injured and are wondering if this injury falls under personal injury claims, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share the most common types of personal injury cases.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the most common personal injury cases. 

1. Slip and Fall Cases

One of the most common types of personal injury cases are slip and fall claims. Every property owner has the legal duty to keep their premises free of hazards and safe to avoid anyone on the property from getting injured. Sometimes while people are walking in a place of business they might slip and fall due to uneven flooring or wet grounds.

If this were to happen to you then you want to make sure you contact a personal injury attorney that is familiar with the law such as firstcoastaccidentlawyers.com to ensure that you are taken care of and get what you deserve. 

2. Car Accidents

Another common personal injury case is car accidents. Usually, when there is an accident it is because someone is not following the rules of the open road or they are not driving carefully. Many people are not aware that careless drivers can be held responsible for injuries that come from a car accident. 

Keep in mind that there are states that are “no fault” states where drivers have to collect money from their own insurance company unless their injury is considered a “serious” injury.

3. Medical Malpractice

These types of personal injury cases occur when a health care professional or a doctor provides a treatment that does not meet the appropriate medical standard of care and the patient ends up injured due to this. Medical malpractice is sometimes a difficult case to prove because in the event that there is a bad result in the treatment setting it doesn’t automatically mean that there was malpractice from the physician. 

4. Dog Bites

Usually, if someone is bitten by a dog the owner of the dog is financially responsible for the injuries and the bites that were caused by their pet. Every state has its own laws regarding the responsibility of the dog owner. Some states say the owners are only responsible once there is a reason for the owner to know that their dog is aggressive or prone to biting someone. 

Now You Know the Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

We hope that now that you are aware of the most common types of personal injury cases you are feeling more knowledgeable and equipped to make informed decisions about your own injury. It is always highly recommended to get a professional to help you navigate this journey. 

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