Ways Technology Will Shape SEO in 2021
Ways Technology Will Shape SEO in 2021

3 Ways Technology Will Shape SEO in 2021

The year of 2020 was a transformative year for the digital marketing industry. The industry of search engine optimisation exploded in popularity as countless business owners and companies scrambled to pivot their marketing strategy online and channel their offline digital marketing budgets into online channels. In 2021, we expect to see technology and the changing global environment (largely driven by the pandemic) to reshape the industry of search engine optimisation again.

To prepare for the changes that are set to follow, we have partnered with a leading SEO Sydney provider to forecast some of the most important ways that the SEO industry is set to change in 2021 as a result of technology. Without further ado, here are some of the important ways that technology will shape online marketing in 2021 and beyond.

Mobile Technology is Paramount

Back in 2018, mobile search data from Google reported that mobile usage had surpassed desktop usage for the first time. Since then, that trend has only increased as more and more searches are conducted from mobile devices and more users are increasingly mobile and reactive in the way that they search. In 2021, it is essential that SEO strategies are geared towards providing a positive online experience for mobile users. Here are a few clear ways that SEO can be optimised towards mobile devices:

  • Clear mobile prompts
  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Mobile accessible websites
  • Clear CTA for mobile devices
  • Click to call demands
  • Fast mobile load times

AI Will Continue to Evolve

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a growing role in how marketers in the search engine optimisation field conduct their craft. We expect to see more content that is created by AI which will allow businesses to target more keywords by creating scalable content solutions. AI content is in a grey area at the moment with search engines and we expect that early adopters of AI will reap large rewards. 

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The SEO community has been talking about AI for the better part of a decade. So why will 2021 be the year that AI takes centre stage with SEO? Well, for one very good reason – because the technology is now there to support it.

There have been a number of very important developments in the SEO community with new tools such as Surfer and Grammarly that have made AI content a possibility for the first time. We believe that the emerging technology trends will help to facilitate this growth in 2021 and keep the industry on a trajectory that brings AI to the forefront of search engine optimisation this year. 

Content That Meets Google EAT Principle Will Rank Higher

Content that meets and earns Google’s patented Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness metrics will succeed in SEO. While many SEO marketers will be familiar with the concept, we expect 2021 to be the year that Google EAT plays a definitive role in the way that content is sorted and ranked online.