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For many of us, our streaming platforms have been absolute lifesavers throughout the past year. While stuck inside or socially distanced from friends, streaming services have provided endless hours of amusement and entertainment.

Whether you’re a Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus watcher, there are ways to get more streaming bang for your buck on each platform. From personalized subtitles to clever plug-ins, here we cover the best streaming tips in 2021.

1. Roam the world (virtually, of course) — Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu

Sick and tired of seeing all the same content on your streaming platform’s home screen? Or perhaps you’re just bored of being stuck in your home country and miss traveling. Either way, you can explore the world virtually through your streaming service. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is install a VPN. These software programs are designed for privacy, and they allow you to change your virtual location at will by connecting to servers in other countries. The knock-on effect is that your actual location is hidden, and you appear to be online from any number of places as you choose. So if you want to watch NZ Netflix, for example, just open your VPN and connect to an NZ server. Next, open up your Netflix account and get ready to say Kia Ora.

This hack works on Netflix and Disney Plus, which are global services. Hulu is a little different as it’s restricted to certain countries, namely the US and Puerto Rico. So, if you’d like to set up a Hulu account, follow the steps above and connect to a US server before creating a Hulu account. Ensure your VPN(Virtual Private Network) is on and connected to the US each time you watch Hulu.

2. Customize your subtitles — Netflix, Disney Plus

Both Netflix and Disney Plus give you the option of customizing your subtitles as you prefer. There’s no need to give up foreign series just because you can’t see the subtitles, or they’re far too small. In Disney Plus, you can even change the font to your liking. 

For instructions on how to make your subs bright pink (or purple or whatever color you like) in Disney Plus, head here

While Netflix doesn’t allow quite as many changes as Disney does, you can still make a fair few adjustments. 

3. Get reviews and ratings on your screen before you start watching — Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are two of the most trusted review and ratings websites on the web. You can take advantage of the services and add them to your Netflix account with a clever plus-in. The IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes for Netflix extension displays rankings from both sites when you hover your mouse over a title. It’s simple to use, set up, and saves you from having to search for reviews manually — win-win!

This hack is reserved for Netflix users who stream from a Chrome browser. At this point, the extension isn’t available on TV apps. 

Here’s hoping the three top hacks in 2021 help you get more from your streaming services in 2021. Happy viewing!

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