3 Tips on Finding a Value Company Secretary in Singapore

If you are in the process of starting up your own company, finding a strong company secretary is absolutely essential. You need someone who can take care of all the paperwork and legal issues that come with establishing your business.

A company secretary also has duties that include managing the board of directors, general meetings, preparing minutes, and maintaining financial records. If you want to get started on your company registration, here are some tips for finding a valuable company secretary in Singapore.

What does a company secretary do?

When you are getting started on your business, it’s wise to hire an experienced company secretary. This person will work with your accountant and solicitors, helping to put together the paperwork to ensure the legal requirements for registration are met. You don’t need to be a solicitor to employ a company secretary, you just have to find value company secretary in Singapore.

But this person will be familiar with the requirements of the Companies Act and the Singapore International Business Companies Act (SIBCA). It’s the position of the company secretary to ensure the validity of the company and ensure that all documentation is kept up to date. Here are the three tips on how to find value company secretary in Singapore:

Make sure your candidate has the right qualifications

Since we are talking about a company secretary, you want to make sure your candidate has the right qualifications and experience. You don’t want to hire someone who’s just good at their job, and not so good at the legal side. It’s hard to find value company secretary in Singapore but it’s worth it. If your candidate is an attorney or accountant, make sure they understand the administrative requirements of setting up a company in Singapore.

After that, make sure they have knowledge on the laws that govern the business in Singapore. Having a company secretary who doesn’t understand the laws can get your company dissolved and have it taken over by another firm.

Consider their experience and how they work

You want someone who can easily get a hold of the official documents and accept the documents at their offices. While you may be able to take care of all the paperwork on your own, it would be best to have a strong secretary with plenty of experience.

If you have someone who is accustomed to handling paperwork that goes with setting up your company, they can handle it even more effectively. A good company secretary will not just be someone who takes care of formal documents and resolutions. You also want someone who understands your business and what your needs are.

Choose the one that is the best fit for you

It’s not an easy task to find value company secretary in Singapore. You need to ask yourself certain questions before you decide who you want to get as your company secretary. For instance, what are your priorities? If you want to do all the legal stuff and take care of all the tasks listed below, then find value company secretary in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

Singapore is one of the most progressive and business friendly countries in Asia, and the culture around business is one of the top reasons that many startups choose to set up shop in this region. Companies can set up their legal entity in one of the many special economic zones in Singapore, and once they become operational they are able to apply for a business registration which will put them on the path to being a fully registered company. We hope that this blog helps you find value company secretary in Singapore!