3 Simple Solutions to Keep Your Data Safe From Data Collectors

You might not realize it, but your data can be collected, sold, and shared by data collectors. So, if you are concerned about where data about you ends up or you just want to ensure that your personal details will remain private, you need to take some action. 

Thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take to help safeguard your data and keep it out of the hands of data collectors, and we have outlined a few of those strategies for you below. 

Opt Out of Sites Known as People Search Websites

People search websites are very popular and well known these days because they make it easy to look up information on just about anyone. As long as you have someone’s full name, address, phone number, or email address, you will be able to use one of the many people search sites out there to look up contact details. And you might even be able to run a quick background check, too, for an affordable price. 

But you might not want data collectors to get and display your details on those types of sites, so it is necessary to go to each one and opt out of having your listings displayed when people search for you. Give it a try now by going to Nuwber, searching for your info, and then requesting the removal of your data. 

Control the Way Information About You Is Shared

There are a lot of companies that you interact with, from your bank to the many stores that you shop at. All of these might be collecting data about you and your behaviors, including your purchasing behavior. However, they may provide an option for reviewing how the information they collect about you is used. 

If you have the option of doing so, request that your information not be shared. Also, whenever it is an option to opt out of special offers, such as credit card offers, do that as well. These steps can help ensure that your data will not be shared as much, thus keeping it more private. 

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Private

There is quite a bit of personal information that you might share on your social media pages without even realizing that you are doing so, so it is a good idea to keep your accounts private rather than public. Also, if you are using your real name and your personal email address, social media platforms might be able to collect data about the pages you like and the various accounts that you interact with. Then, they can use that data to show you targeted ads to entice you to make a purchase. 

Go through the settings of every social media account that you use, making sure that your personal data is not on there. Also, check that you have not revealed any personal data about yourself on your profile. And be sure to opt out of having your data tracked, collected, and/or shared if it is possible to do so. These steps can help ensure the social media platforms won’t be able to gather as much info about you. 

There are several ways that you can protect your data and your privacy online, and it’s important to let data collectors know that you don’t want them to collect and distribute your information without your permission.