3 Reasons to Use a Sales Route Planner When Making Door To Door Sales in Your Community!

There is an efficiency that can only be achieved from door-to-door sales as opposed to retail and wholesale sales especially in the introduction of new goods or services to the market. When it is a community you are well acquainted with, the door-to-door strategy may be better than mass advertising as you get to interact personally with potential buyers and use your influence to push your product.

However, door-to-door sales can be frustrating, as it sometimes feels as though you and your team are simply making endless circles around the same area. That is why it can be very beneficial to plan a route in your door-to-door sales.

Sales route planning involves getting the most efficient route from point A to point B. A good route planner factors in a lot of things such as the existing market dynamics, the level of engagement to be made, and the customer status. See more why you should try a sales route planner for your door to door sales:


Keep track of the doors you knocked on:

The goal in sales is to make sure that you are making the most of the time in your hands by reaching your target audience. Having a sales route planner will help to integrate the prospect market in an orderly manner: you don’t knock twice on the same door. You also know which door to knock on. Route planners offer residential information so that you and your team are selling the right products to the right clients.

Since the workload is balanced and categorical, there is a greater earning potential. The ripple effect of this is increased morale, lower staff turnover, and more sales. Part of route planning is the optimization of the paths to take, which means fewer travel costs, as there is no guessing which points to go to next. 


It Is Easy to figure out your target market:

Route planners offer you reports and analytics through which you can measure performance. The data that has been spread out on your local community map is easily consolidated, and you can filter it to see isolated transactions and what to do to make them better.

With this data, you can also gain insights into the behavior of your market. When working in a team, you can have the team members create reports and assessments from smaller territories for an even deeper understanding of the market. This way, you see the under-served territories that need more attention and the over-served ones that may need less of it. A fresh set of eyes from the team will make it possible to see hidden facts and make breakthroughs in previously difficult areas.


You Can Remember Who Was Positive And Who Was Not:

You don’t always get to make the sale, but sometimes you get a potential client. For one reason or another, they may not have been able to buy your products, but a positive response shows that they might be willing to buy in the future. Negative responses, on the other hand, indicate a low possibility of purchase, so you can shift your focus to other potential buyers. Getting a great sales route planner might just be what you need to streamline your door-to-door sales today. Your team and you will be happy with the convenience and ease it provides. With this kind of order comes more promise of sales.