3 Quick Ways to Verify Images on a Smartphone

When an image of former South African President Jacob Zuma Allegedly dancing up close and personal with a singer named Babes Wodumo popped up on the internet, gleeful South Africans shared it everywhere.

It was a photoshopped version of two different pictures. The result was the perfect example of how misdirection usually has an ounce of reality. In this particular case, the former president’s reputation as a lady’s man who also danced on political rallies might have lured people into thinking it was genuine.

With the rise in fake news, unauthorized image usage, fake profiles, and much more, people are more cautious of instinctively hitting the share button. But how to verify whether the image you are seeing is genuine or not, especially when you’re on a smartphone?

How to perform Visual Image Search on your phone

Have you received a picture from a friend on your phone and you don’t know a word about it? Don’t worry you can do an image search on your phone too without any problem.

Reverse image search is easy on a computer but what happens when you are on a mobile device? Image search engines contain an option for mobile phones too. Performing a Facebook image search is a little different.

Reverse Image Finder on a smartphone

  1. Open the web browser provided on your mobile.
  2. Visit an image finder tool on your web to find a photo.
  3. Select the desktop site option.
  4. Now you can upload an image from the phone media or you can copy-paste the image URL you want to search for.
  5. Now wander through the image search results provided by the reverse image search engine.

Here are three quick ways to image search on a mobile phone:

Reverse Image Search

It is hard to find photos with specific content types among bundles of photos available on the web. 

But Reverse Image finder has come up with a multi-purpose search engine, it can provide you with the most relevant images, different websites that use similar photos, and even images whose dimensions have been changed.

Even if it’s for personal or work use, just add the URL or upload the image you want to search for and you will get millions of results with the most relevant images. 

You can utilize this online tool on your personal computers, and mobile phones both even if they support different frameworks. You won’t ever face compatibility issues. 

The most amazing point of using this reverse image search tool is that it can search from all the big search databases like Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. even small datasets are a part of this image finder engine so that it can find accurate and sure results for its user.

This reverse image search tool is one hundred percent secure, free, and easy to use. It cuts off the effort of reading manuals by using user-friendly applications. A reverse image search is a handy tool that can be utilized from anywhere, anytime using any device.

This tool can be used to 

  • Track the use of an image on the internet.
  • Analyze the authenticity of a photo.
  • Assist in identifying fake profiles.
  • To enhance Search Engine Optimization in your blogs.

To learn more about this amazing image search tool, you can visit https://www.reverseimagesearch.com.


Google constructed a reverse picture search function into phones and tablets, yet on a restricted premise. 

The Chrome application for iOS and Android also supports the Google reverse image search option. At the point when you have the picture that you need to look at, hold your finger on it until a pop-up menu shows up; pick “Search Google for this Image” given at the bottom.

On the off chance that for some reason this doesn’t work, you can choose Open Image in New Tab. At that point copy the URL, return to Google and paste it in the URL — However, that is an addition of extra steps.


Pinterest image finder is aimed at carving out a situation as the go-to place to discover new searches. Their aim echoes that to help you find things when you don’t have words to describe them.

All of this is derived from Pinterest Lens, a sophisticated image search tool that uses a mobile phone camera to scan and identify objects around it and return similar results. Pinterest visual search technology can also be utilized on the desktop through a Chrome extension.

Pinterest’s vast data set of about 100 billion Pins provides the perfect training material for Machine learning apps. As a result, new connections are forged between reality and the digital world.


Visual search engines are now becoming more efficient and common, especially in this era where mobile phones are spawning innovations that make it even more collaborative. With these quality image search engines on your web and mobiles, you can expand your searches and find the best results.