3 Mobile Apps that Changed the World for the Better

Humanity is constantly evolving in new and complex ways, and the internet is one of its biggest inventions yet. Paired with technology, people can now accomplish stuff with ease and convenience.

It can be tough trying to stay in touch with our humanity in such a hasty and capitalist world. Who said you cannot have a positive impact with your mobile phone? If you don’t know where to start, here are three mobile apps that will help you make a difference and change the world in your own way.

  1. Charity Miles

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often a personal accomplishment, but who says you cannot kill two birds with one stone? Charity Miles is a fitness tracker that allows you to donate money to your favorite charity with every mile you cycle, walk, or jog. So far, the app has raised over $2 million.

Charity Miles was founded by Gene Gurkoff to earn money for hundreds of charities around the world. As such, Gene created a bridge between brands and their consumers.

Once you download and open the app, you get to pick a signup option that suits you. The QuickStart option allows you to continue without filling out any information. However, you must turn on your location services. Next, select your charity of choice before you start any activity. As you log on more miles, you can opt to add more charities.

Walking and running earn you 25 cents a mile, while cycling earns you 10 cents a mile. Some of the most popular charities include Stand Up to Cancer, World Wildlife Foundation, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Also, if there are any fitness tracking devices syncing with your Apple Health app will auto-sync to Charity Miles. Android Phones sync with your internal pedometer, regardless of the phone’s operating system.

Alternatively, you can sync Charity Miles to Strava. Any devices, such as your Fitbit or Garmin, will send all data to the app. Suppose you think your miles don’t reflect accurately on Charity Miles. In that case, you can correct them manually via Strava or Health Kit.

Charity Sponsors – Since 2019, charities on the app can add their own sponsors. As such, you can see all the money you raise increase as you put in more miles.

You can also get your family and friends to sponsor your miles. You have to create a pledge page where they can pledge X$ per mile, up to an amount they are okay with. Once you complete your mileage, the pledges are paid directly to your charity of choice.

Employer Sponsorships – Charity Miles offers a ‘sponsor’ feature where employers can create teams for their employees. The Employee Empowerment program allows corporations to include their employees in charity fund-raising.

  1. Taimi

There are hundreds of dating platforms on the internet, and most of them promote hookup culture. However, Taimi is a social networking and dating platform that caters to the entire queer community.

Created by Alex Pasykov, the Taimi app is available in nine languages; English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, and Romanian. In addition, it is available in 45 countries worldwide with over 15 million active users.

As the largest LGBTQIA+ social platform, the app is keen on the safety and security of its users, and it is one of the safest gay dating apps. All accounts must be verified, and users can protect their accounts using two-factor authentication.

The automated decision-making feature allows the app to moderate the community. The app is safe from spammers, bots, non-compliant profiles, and explicit messages. In addition, it allows the app to suggest matches based on your activity and preferences.

Unlike most dating apps, you can access most tools and services for free. New accounts can get a 7-day free trial at signup. You can view profiles and send messages for free.

  1. Be My Eyes

The app was created by Hans Jorgen Wiberg, and Be My Eyes was created with the purpose of making a significant difference in the lives of low-vision and blind people around the world.

The apps bridge sighted volunteers with blind and poor-sighted individuals. The app has over six million active users, and it is available in over 180 languages.

The app has a matching algorithm similar to that of dating apps. Users are paired based on the time zone and language. The app notifies several volunteers once a low-vision or blind person sends a request. The first to respond is connected via live feed. The audio-visual connection allows both individuals to solve the task together.

The app is free and will only require an internet connection. You can access the app at any time of day, and there is no limit to the amount or length of the phone calls.


Nowadays, we can use apps to accomplish personal tasks and help those around us. You can donate to charities, volunteer for a cause, or tighten a community. What apps do you use to make a difference around you? Share your thoughts and comments below. We would love to hear from you!