Many people in the United States are shopping online. These consumers are just buying physical goods. They’re also shopping for services online.

In 2019, about 35 percent of consumers started looking for a lawyer online.

If you own a law firm or do marketing for law firms, you don’t need to see any numbers to believe that an increasing number of people are now turning to the internet when they need to hire a lawyer.

Your focus should be on finding the most effective ways for advertising law services on the web. We’re here to help!

Continue reading to learn what it takes to develop a digital advertising strategy that works for your firm.

1. Your Target Audience

Your target audience is the biggest factor to consider when you’re developing an online marketing strategy for your law firm.

Yes, consumers are starting their search for legal services online, but different groups are doing it differently. There are people who are starting their search on search engines like Google and Bing. Others are starting on social media platforms like Facebook. Others are going straight to lawyer/law firm directories.

Having a good understanding of your target audience is key to knowing how they access the web. As such, you can craft a digital strategy that laser focuses on them. For example, if your target audience is mainly using search engines, you want to put search engines at the heart of your advertising strategy.

2. Your Expertise

Marketing is a skilled occupation just like law. Yet, it’s not uncommon to find lawyers who’re in charge of their firm’s marketing.

It’s understandable if you don’t have the resources to hire a marketing expert, but if you do and you’re doing DIY marketing, you aren’t helping the law firm. 

So, when advertising law services online, consider your expertise. There’s no point wasting your time and money running campaigns on your own while you can hire an expert who will deliver the results you’re looking for.

3. The Nature of Your Law Firm

The nature of your law firm will influence your digital advertising strategy. This is to say, if your firm is multi-practice, it’s going to need a broad marketing strategy. Having a multiple practice firm typically means you’re targeting diverse audiences that consume digital content differently.

On the other hand, if your law firm is a single-practice firm, your approach to marketing will be different. For example, if you’re a family law attorney, you could run a law firm that only offers family law services.

As such, you’ll be marketing your services to people who’re going through divorce, looking to adopt a child and whatnot. Your blog content needed to be empathetic because most of your clients will be going through emotionally challenging times.

Get a Handle on Advertising Law Services Online

Your online advertising strategy can make or break your law firm. It will determine how people perceive your law firm long before they even contact you. With this guide on advertising law services online, you’re now in a good position to build a strategy that works.

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