If you drive an older Ford Ranger, there are many things you love about this economical yet durable vehicle. You also probably know that replacing parts is essential to getting top performance from your Ranger. Over time, just about everything wears out, and driving with faulty parts can make matters worse and cost you more money in the long run. A case in point, you won’t get far with a failing fuel pump.

The fuel pump takes gas from the fuel tank and funnels it to the engine, enabling your truck to start and run. Problems that result from a failing fuel pump range from bad fuel efficiency and stalling to a dead engine and sputtering starts. Once you have diagnosed the problem, it could be time for a replacement 2000 Ford Ranger fuel pump. Consult your owner’s manual, a trusted mechanic or an online tool to ensure the exact replacement part for your vehicle.

What Type of Fuel Pump Does a Ford Ranger Use?

Using an online tool will match your vehicle with the right replacement fuel pump. For best results, make sure to enter your VIN into your search. A broad selection of quality parts lets you choose the best component for your driving style. Check out these replacement fuel pumps to get your Ranger up to speed again:

  • Delphi Fuel Pump DFG0872 for $205
  • Delphi Fuel Pump DHP10220 for $292
  • Spectra Premium Fuel Pump D2027M for $192
  • Spectra Premium Fuel Pump D2371M for $222
  • Bosch Fuel Pump 66181 for $222
  • Motorcraft Fuel Pump PFS-522 for $492

Along with a large selection, you can also expect a valuable warranty with your replacement fuel pump. For added convenience, you can buy it online and pick it up at your nearest store.

This is also the place to take care of your 2000 Ford Ranger transmission if you are seeing signs of slippage. Most transmissions come with a three-year or four-year warranty and you can search for products from manufacturers such as All Trans, Dahmer Powertrain, National Powertrain, NuTech and more. Precision engineering means you will get parts that last as long as your truck does.

How Does a Fuel Pump Help With Power Steering?

Your fuel pump is important to many elements of your truck’s performance, and it can even impact the amount of power that goes to components such as power steering. With that in mind, it is crucial that your power steering pump remains in workable condition. When this piece of equipment is compromised, you begin to see problems with your power steering. 

When looking to replace your power steering pump, be sure to search for quality manufactured components. With a broad selection, you can find the best price for your vehicle. The top pumps meet these criteria:

  • Precision engineered components
  • Direct factory replacement
  • Quality engineering to optimize longevity
  • Expert manufacturing to meet all specifications

Your Ford Ranger has been on the road for decades now. Keep it going with the best parts and make replacements promptly. Shop now for deals and discounts.

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