13 Elegant Taper Fade Cuts: For Clean-Cut Guys


A taper fade haircut is not new in the men’s hairstyling niche. It is the most recognizable, legendary haircut in the world of haircuts. The style has occupied the top position in the list of best hairstyles thanks to its timeless appearance, clean style, and versatile look.

Besides, it is an excellent haircut for both formal and casual situations, so whether you work in the field or are an office man, many taper fade haircuts suit you beautifully. Take a look here.

  1. Faux Hawk

This is a classic taper fade haircut. Both the back and the sides are faded. However, the top hair is maintained longer and styled into a faux hawk.

  1. High Taper Fade

In this haircut, the hair is usually faded at 2 inches starting at the top.

  1. Low Taper Fade and Pompadour

In this hairstyle, the faded length of the hair is more than two inches. The hair is faded one inch above the natural hairline.

  1. Afro Hairstyle

This is a popular haircut with black men. It is an ideal hairstyle for black men with short curly hair. It also rocks those with kinky hair types. The curls are usually styled on the crown, and back and side hair fade.


  1. Comb Over

In this hairstyle, the hair at the crown is kept long and then combed over in a slicked-back style. Balding or bald men mostly prefer this hairstyle to hide their baldness. However, we are seeing many young men opting for this haircut by incorporating a side part for a contemporary look.

  1. Caesar Fade

This is among the best taper fade haircuts for black men. The hair at the top is maintained longer and then swept to the front rather than partying at the sides. Short bangs are easy to comb on the sides. You can also style it with a strong-hold hair gel.

  1. High and Tight

This is a common military man’s haircut. This haircut needs to shave a significant portion of the sides and back. Buzzed hair is styled on the top.

  1. Bald Fade

This is a preferred haircut for men who are balding or are already bald. It resembles a military buzz haircut, but the fade is maintained shorter.

  1. High Top Fade

This is a common hairstyle, especially among young men with afro-textured or curly hair. The manes at the back and sides are maintained short. It is then tapered upwards to get an elevated look.

Typically, tapering starts at the ear level, and the hair at the top can be anywhere from two to four inches, depending on your hair texture and preferences.

  1. Temple Taper Fade

This is a common haircut rocked by men of all ages. It is also called a temp fade, temple fade, or taper fade. By altering the length of the blade up or down, you can achieve different lengths of this haircut.

Besides, it is a low-maintenance haircut since all you need to do is trim it every few months. It is a timeless hairstyle that has been there for many years and doesn’t seem to go anywhere soon.

  1. Side Parted Classic Style

If you need a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle, look no further. The taper fade highlights the part, which can be understated or extreme. This is an excellent style for students and someone who needs a professional yet sophisticated cut.

  1. Clean Combed Pompadour


This hairstyle is a popular hairstyle with a reputation for sophistication and slickness. This version incorporates a high-volume pompadour, and the sides are tapered. This look is great for men with thick hair who need to make a statement.

  1. Taper Fade and Slicked Back

This slicked-back haircut uses a different method. The hair length is blended entirely, thanks to subtle fade. It is an excellent option for men who need a halfway style that is not too conservative or extreme.