12 Ways to Inspire Yourself for Essay Writing Tasks in College


Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to go about writing when one’s mind is positive, and their thoughts are free-flowing. But as with almost everything, our health, moods, and overall drive play a huge role in how well we can do things. Writing, in this regard, is no different. In fact, in most cases, writing can be a lot harder when one feels uninspired or demotivated.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some ways to inspire yourself for essay writing tasks in college. But before we jump into how to gain inspiration, let’s first take a look at some of the reasons why one might feel demotivated when writing their essays: 

  • Lack of confidence in one’s writing abilities
  • Burnout or fatigue due to a lot of pending work or overworking
  • General procrastination or lack of enough energy and/or time
  • Focusing more on grades instead of enjoying the process of creating and writing

However, in situations where students still find it hard to get through their writing work, they can also seek some professional help. For example, a top platform like Studyfy can be used for their best custom writings or best essay writing services. Using such a platform not only frees up some extra time but also ensures that one’s academic performance remains intact.

In no particular order, here are 12 ways to inspire yourself for essay writing tasks in college.

  1. Read!

Reading is one of the best ways of taking one’s mind off their current reality and filling it with a new one. The act itself is calming and meditating – which broadens one’s thought horizons and allows one to think more clearly. Reading also provides one with a much stronger foothold in the niche they are exploring. And in turn, it grants one more confidence and inspiration to write about it. Reading also turns one into a better writer by showing newer ways of presenting thoughts and ideas.

  1. Learn to Manage Your Time Better

Most successful people attest to the fact that they can think and act in a much better way when they are relaxed. And relaxation only comes when one has a good amount of time on their hands. Thus, to write with more inspiration and ease, one should learn to manage their time better. Students can start managing their time better by creating timetables for their daily schedules and workflows.

  1. Think About Your Short-Term Goal

Focusing on one’s long-term goals doesn’t mean a thing if they are not able to pay heed to their short-term goals. Students should also know that it can be highly beneficial to write their short-term goals. Doing so not only aids with putting one’s immediate tasks into their calendars but also highlights its importance.

  1. Think About Your Long-Term Goal

Knowing one’s long-term goals can put one’s whole life into perspective. Moreover, writing down and revising one’s goals has a potency that can help propel one forward. Especially when they are faced with adversarial times. Students can also revisit their major life goals to garner motivation to do their daily tasks with more ease and finesse.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research Around Potential Essay Topics

Learning one’s subject with more depth automatically makes one more confident in it. Researching a niche or potential topics in it can provide one with heaps of inspiration. Then, the more one knows about what they have to write about, the easier it will be to write about it.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/concentrated-woman-writing-notes-in-papers-in-park-4792255/ 

  1. Write from a Location that Inspires You

Writing is a form of meditation in itself. And, as with meditational practices, one should try and do it from a place that makes them feel comfortable and peaceful. One thing that can also help in this respect is changing one’s writing location altogether. 

For example, one can move from their dorm rooms and write from a relaxed park bench or a café. The minimal sounds in such areas have been scientifically proven to improve one’s thought process and writing capacities.

  1. Meet & Speak with Others 

Human beings are social animals and need to interact with one another to keep their minds active and flowing. To boost one’s inspiration for essay writing, students can talk to people from various walks of life. Talking with others helps alleviate oneself from their own redundancies. This should especially be undertaken when one feels stuck or uninspired.

  1. Think About the Overall Message You Want to Convey

This point is most beneficial to those who have the opportunity of selecting their own topics. Most students, or people in general, tend to select topics they are most comfortable or confident with. The deeper reason behind this is that they know exactly what they need to say and how they need to say it regarding their selected topic. 

In this way, thinking about the ultimate goal of one’s written work is another great way of enabling essay writers to churn out great content.

  1. Take a Break!

This is probably the most underrated point on the list. Taking a break can recharge one’s senses and offer them newer ways of thinking. Some of the most effective mini-breaks can be going for a walk, taking a nap, and having a long shower. For a longer break, when facing burnout, you can take a mini vacation.

  1. Getting Started Can Be Its Own Form of Inspiration

Sometimes, students tend to procrastinate so much that the situation can be confused with feeling uninspired. But even the greatest athletes and sportspeople may find it hard to keep up with their daily training routines. However, just like going running, the body and mind get more in tune after the first mile or so. The same logic can also be applied to writing when after a few paragraphs, the rest naturally flows out.

  1. Write When You’re in a Good Mood

Doing anything when in a good mood offers several positive benefits not only to one’s performance but also to one’s health. Writing when one generally feels good not only enables one to churn out better content but also helps produce it quickly.

  1. Listen to Good Music

Most people already know the significant benefits associated with music. When one listens to their favorite type of music or artist, their mood is automatically uplifted. The association of music with performing tasks is a lot more beneficial, for sure. Students are recommended to select the type of music that puts their minds at ease and helps them with their writing process.

The Bottom Line

Essay writing is not always an easy task. Mainly because it requires more research and skills than other forms of writing. Plus, modern students already have a lot on their plates. But with the right approach and tools, students can surmount most of their writing issues and still churn out the best content!