12 Different Types Of RV Trailers.

Everyone has a different type of trailer that is best suited to their needs when they decide to take a quick getaway. Some people may benefit more from a larger sized RV, whereas others will benefit more from small camper trailers.

So, what are the different types of RV trailers you can get? 

Let’s look!  

  1. Standard Travel Trailer.

This trailer is the biggest of all the towable options. It is basically a home on wheels. It gives you the comfort of having a home while being on the go. 

You can get these in various styles, and you can get them plain or spruced up. Some can be small, so you should seek out an option that has a section to extend from the area where the trailer would be parked up. 

All you need for this trailer is a hitch that can bear the heaviness of this trailer. 

  1. Airstream.

These trailers are very high-quality, so expect to spend a pretty penny on one of these. 

They can range a lot so your main priority, besides expense, should be making sure that your hitch can take the weight of this trailer. 

  1. 5th Wheel trailer.

These trailers usually look like RV trailers, they are not. They will require a gooseneck connector that allows the vehicle and trailer to attach. 

You need to ensure that you understand what is needed for this type of trailer because it does have unique benefits and downfalls, so do your research before you buy one. 

  1. Camper Truck.

These are unique types of trailers. It will actually squeeze into the back of your pickup. It is very beneficial as it makes driving, reversing, and maneuvering all very easy. 

These are crafted, so they fit in any pick-up and a majority of manufacturers of trucks have crafted models that can handle the extra weight of these campers. 

Because this camper is literally on your truck, you can tow along anything else you need, so you are fully decked out for your vacation. 

  1. Trailer Fitted With A ‘Pop-Out’ Tent.

This type of trailer is the cheapest you can get to use as your accommodation when you are on the go. 

These are lightweight and still ensure you have all you need as you are vacationing. 

These are also minimal, making them perfect if you want to have an RV with a personal vehicle that is not hardy. 

  1. Teardrop.

These trailers are like if a tent and an RV had a baby. This is the result, they are light, small, compact, and you can easily pull them with any car. 

Many will not get an RV because they assume you need a big car to pull them along, however, with a teardrop trailer, this is not an issue. 

You don’t get as much space as you do with a traditional trailer, it is basically a sleeping area with a hatch for the kitchen, but for minimalists, it is a dream!

  1. Sporting RV with Garage.

These RVs are great for those who may want to take a bike, snowmobile, or ATV with them. They are known as being ‘toy haulers’. Allowing you to live in comfort on your journey and also take gadgets along with you. 

  1. Hard-Top Pop-Up. 

The lightweight tent trailer is great, but some people may prefer a hard top option. That is exactly what this is, it is compact and with a hard top. Simple, elegant and perfect. 

  1. Pop-Up Tent Trailer.

This is another result of a tent and a trailer having a baby. It pops up and is basically a big tent on wheels, although a bit more sturdy. 

Many choose these because they are cheap, lightweight allowing any car to pull it along and has plenty of space, easily accommodating 4 people inside! 

  1. Retro.

We can’t help but love vintage items, and you can get old RV’s too. These are a popular purchase, it is not uncommon to buy one and restore it to what it once was. 

  1. DIY Camping Trailer For Ice-Fishing.

These are not suited for zipping down the highway, however, these are a great nifty option to keep you toasty warm when you go ice-fishing. 

A DIY venture for sure, however, RV manufacturers may make these one day. 

  1.  Car Roof Tent.

This is a type of  combo between vehicle and tent. This is nifty and very useful. They are perfect if you can’t afford a proper RV trailer but don’t want to use a standard floor-sleeping tent. 

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