With the rise of remote work, more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of freelancing. The gig economy has never been livelier, embracing an increasing number of occupations.

Some careers are more in demand than others, as it is only to be expected, but as to the most popular ones, it really depends on the current demand.

Let’s take a look at some of the careers that seem to always be a good move for freelancers.

1. Starting an Online Course

The popularity of mLearning cannot be disputed; hence, the creation of online courses has emerged as a lucrative business. No matter which niche you excel at, there will be a market for your knowledge.

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in a calling; many hobbyists have also turned to the internet for extra cash. Indeed, it would seem that there is no topic that hasn’t been covered by mLearning, so everyone can give their passion a go.

2. Online Marketing

Marketing never goes out of fashion, and never has the craze been more obvious than in the era of the internet.

Online marketers are always in demand. With more and more industries turning to internet advertising, the jobs keep piling up.

Take life insurance companies as an example. Because of the rise of digital nomadism (and some other factors, too), people tend to buy life insurance at a much younger age. As a result, this branch has witnessed a rise in its online presence. This is just an illustration of how online marketing has expanded to embrace all niches and industries.

3. Being a Virtual Project Manager

Virtual project managers are in high demand, and the trend is likely to persist. These professionals, in a nutshell, ensure that team members are ready for new employee app rollouts and any other tasks that may arise.

Using the right tools is crucial for virtual teams, and Google tasks are just the beginning. Therefore, virtual project managers skilled in leadership and versed in new technologies are always sought out by international companies.

4. Teachers

Teachers, and particularly language teachers, can make a decent living organizing lessons online. The ESL industry is on the rise, especially in Asian countries, but teachers do not necessarily need to be employed by a language school.

The profession can be combined with e-learning and mLearning; online language courses (especially of languages other than English) are extremely popular. 

5. Customer and Technical Support Representatives

If you work in the customer support niche, you’ll be able to browse an impressive offer of jobs. All businesses rely on customer and technical support for the best user experience. It’s not rare to see people working in this field remotely, eventually turning into digital nomads.

The good thing with support jobs is that they never go out of demand.

6. SEO Specialists

Similar to online marketing experts, SEO experts are also in high demand. It’s no secret that only businesses that make it to the first page of Google search results can expect significant exposure and traffic; that’s where SEO comes in.

Another similar field of expertise that has emerged only recently is social media marketing. Often SEO experts are also versed in this field, so if you know both, you’re in luck.

7. IT Professionals

From what we’ve covered so far, it’s glaringly obvious that IT is rather dominant compared to other industries. IT professionals can easily find a job wherever they look. Programmers and sysadmins, in particular, have a slew of opportunities at their disposal.

Needless to say, programming can be performed at the office and online alike; programmers can work remotely from any chosen destination.

The most popular career prospects include software, website development and apps.

8. Writers and Translators

In the same fashion, writers and translators can work from wherever. What’s more, they don’t even need to depend on continual stable broadband.

Writing has nowadays come to imply various specializations, including content writing, blogging, academic writing, social media writing and so on.

The same applies to translators, especially certified ones. There are even some highly specialized marketplaces where professionals can find serious job offers, unlike the offers on generic online marketplaces.

9. Data Entry Jobs

For people who still haven’t achieved expertise in a particular profession (e.g., students), data entry jobs may be a good starting point.

These jobs are always in demand and are available high and wide on online marketplaces. Finding a better-paid data entry job, however, might prove to be a difficult task.

10. Virtual Assistants

Being a virtual anything is rather popular these days, as you may have gathered already. Virtual assistants cover a variety of tasks and are usually being employed by busy managers and CEOs looking for someone to take care of their emails and similar.

Usually, virtual assistants are expected to be proficient in various tools, including Google Suite, Excel, Slack, Trello, Asana, Zoom, social media platforms, etc.

11. Consultants

Finally, if you are an expert with an impressive background, you may turn to consulting services. Consultant jobs are some of the best-paid online jobs, but not everyone can perform them.

Niche-specific consultants are in high demand pretty much everywhere. This type of work can be a full-time occupation or a per-project job.

12. Photographers

Finally, photography is a great way to make a living wherever you are. Needless to say, there will always be occasions people want to be remembered (weddings, celebrations, parties, etc.), meaning that good photographers can easily travel the world and make a decent living snapping pictures.

Another option is selling your photographs online. Wildlife photographers, for example, often make earnings in this way. 


As you can see, freelancing offers a little something for everyone, regardless of their expertise and years of experience. Naturally, skilled experts with impressive portfolios may count on better earnings, but even students can inflate their budget by doing various jobs.

The most important thing to remember is that, if you’re planning to go full freelance, you’ll have to keep informed about the developments, and especially be versed in the most popular apps and tools. Over time, this becomes a habit, so there’s really nothing stopping you from attempting a career of your dreams.

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