Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays (UV) that can damage to our skin. The longer we spend outside, the greater the risk of getting sunburn, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Not only that, but increased UV exposure can increase the risk of developing skin cancer, and increase the signs of aging on the skin. 

It is important to take care of your skin every day, and make sure you are as protected as possible. These are some ways you can prepare for the sunny weather. 

Reapply Sunscreen

It is a common preconception that you can apply sunscreen once and then be protected from the sun all day. The truth is that any sunscreen will need to be reapplied after around two hours of wear. Regardless of how expensive or prestigious your chosen brand of sunscreen is, the amount of protection provided becomes compromised after around two hours. 

It is also recommended that you apply sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before heading out into the sun. This allows any excess to be evenly distributed on the skin’s surface. 

Wear A Hat

The skin on your face is extremely sensitive to the harsh UV rays of the sun. It is crucial that you are as protected as possible by wearing a cap, sunhat, or wide brimmed hat. Some people don’t realize how exposed their scalps are until they are dealing with uncomfortable sunburn in their hairlines and partings. Wearing a hat is recommended in order to prevent this from happening. 

Use A UV Blocker

Another useful preventative measure is to use an umbrella which has been made with UV blocking material. This can help you create some amount of shade that can act as a shelter on a sunny day. For more information, including the benefits of UV blocking umbrellas, check out

Chill In The Shade

Your skin will thank you for giving it a little break from the sun, and it is worth cooling down for a little while in a shady spot. Being in the shade can prevent heatstroke, allow you to reapply sunscreen, and take a minute to have some food or hydrate. 

Be Careful In The Water

Most people believe that they will not get sunburn when they are swimming in the ocean, a pool, or lake. However, the truth is that is acts as a giant magnifying glass, which enhances the UV rays and makes your skin burn faster. When you are swimming on a very sunny day, it is important to protect yourself with a waterproof sunscreen and think about wearing something that will cover your skin, like a long sleeved t-shirt. 

Wear Extra Clothing

While it’s tempting to take off layers of clothing in an attempt to cool down and tan, you are much more likely to burn when the UV rays are harsh. Consider draping a towel over your legs or wearing certain items of clothing that protect from the sun. 

Limit Sun Exposure Around Midday

A common mistake among tourists and people who have less experience in the sun is to head out to the beach or a picnic area between 11am and 3pm. These hours are generally when the sun is at its highest position in the sky. This means that you are more likely to get burned, as the UV will be the most intense during this period of time.

Be Mindful Of Medications

Some medications can increase the effects of the sun, and it is worth taking a closer look at the side effects ahead of time. This can allow you to be more mindful and pay a little more attention to the impact that the UV exposure has. 

Protect Your Lips

Try to find a high quality chapstick which has SPF in it so that you can protect the skin on your lips. Sunburned lips can become very uncomfortable and dry, so it is essential that you are using UV protection and reapplying frequently. 

Protect The Skin Around Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and more vulnerable to burning. It is worth wearing sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes from the harsh UV, avoid headaches caused by squinting in the sun, and protect the skin around your eyes. 


The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is a highly effective barrier that protects us from the outside world. However, the harsh rays of the sun can lead to irritation over time if you have not protected yourself correctly. It is worth being prepared for the UV rays and protecting yourself and other members of your group on a beach day. 

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