With electricity bills constantly on the rise, quick ways to reduce them are also being looked for. You can do many things to get the usage down in your home, but many of them will cost some cash to accomplish.

What you will read about today are some things that will impact your bill this month, and over the year, it will be possible to see a substantial difference. Let’s jump right into the 10 tips to immediately cut electricity bills so you can get on with your day.

  1. Turn Down Water Heater – The hot water heater is a significant draw on the electricity, especially if your family loves to use the hottest water possible. It is simple to turn it down 5 degrees or so, and it will not affect anything negatively in your home. Still, it will reduce the power it needs to keep the water hot.
  2. Use Colder Water – If you are taking a shower or washing your hands, turn the temperature down. If planning a full load of laundry, turn the settings to cold. If you are pre-rinsing dishes, plug the sink and fill it with soapy water to do them all at once instead of leaving the water running the entire time.
  3. Thermostat – Changing the thermostat by even one degree will make a big difference this month. If it is the time of year when the heater is on, turn it down a couple degrees. On the other hand, if it is during the heat of the day and air conditioning is on, turn the temperature up a little so it is a little warmer, or leave it off and use overhead fans to keep the air circulating.
  4. Ducts – Have the ducts throughout your house cleaned out. The best way to do this is to have a contractor specializing in the task come in. It may truly amaze you how dirty the ducts get throughout the year. It is suggested that you have them cleaned out at least once a year, usually before you need to start using the heater regularly.
  5. Compare Service Providers – Go to an online site that will give you offers from an electricity compare platform. They will take basic information from you and then match you with some of their partner sites. All you have to do is go through the offers and choose the one that works best for you. Remember that the lowest cost is not always the best service. Do your research, read the offer, and choose the best one based on their service quality and the prices they charge.
  6. Light Bulbs – If you have not converted your home to energy-efficient bulbs, such as smart lighting or LEDs, now is the time to do so. The cost upfront may be a decent amount, but at the end of the month, you will find that these types of light bulbs decrease the power needed to run them. If you have some outdoor security lights, switch them over to solar-powered units with a battery backup. This change will also decrease your electricity bill this month.
  7. Smart Power Strips – Even if you already use power strips throughout your house, it is time to upgrade to the smart versions. A smart power strip will turn off when the devices plugged into them are not in use. For example, suppose you have a couple of mobile phone chargers plugged into one but no phones charging on them. In that case, the power strip will shut off to reduce the amount of energy surging to them. These power strips can also be used for your kitchen and laundry room area if you get the ones with a by-pass for specific plug-ins. This means that the one that the refrigerator is plugged into will stay on while the rest will turn off.
  8. TVs – Many smart TVs today do not ever shut down all the way. They go into a sleep mode that allows the device to start up faster when turned on. Go into the settings and change this to turn off so it does not need a constant stream of electricity when it is not being used.
  9. Weatherstripping – Replace the weatherstripping on your outer doors and windows every couple of years or more if needed. The fewer drafts the house has, the less power it will take to keep it warm or cool.
  10. Energy Audit – Book a visit by someone that can conduct a thorough energy audit. They will be able to give you the exact amount of energy you use and where most of the need comes from. This can help isolate problem areas so they can be addressed.

Simple things that can be done will significantly impact the energy the home needs, decreasing the amount of your monthly bill. The points above will make an impact this month as well as throughout the year. 

Some other things you can do would be to switch out all the appliances for energy-efficient models, upgrade your doors and windows to ones designed for energy efficiency, and take the time to teach everyone in your home how to be more energy conscious. 

Small things make big differences, but it all starts with you and your actions today.

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