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10 Reasons Why Shopify Continues to be the Best eCommerce Platform

p>An eCommerce platform can assist you in reaching potential customers and establishing yourself as a brand. Several eCommerce platforms are available for creating stores, including Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Drupal, etc, but among them, Shopify provides the most incredible portfolio of services. 

Shopify development has been around for 16 years and has generated over $543 Billion in sales. It is so popular that 1,000,000 merchants across 175 Countries use it, including big companies like Staples, PepsiCo, Tesla, Red Bull, Nestle, and many more.

Shopify has become one of the highly preferable eCommerce platforms over recent years. It’s easy, affordable, and has various features that make it perfect for any business owner or shop devoted to selling products online. 

Effortlessly setting up an online store with Shopify is now easier than ever. This blog is for you if you want to know why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform. 

Advantages of Shopify eCommerce Store

The following advantages make Shopify significant.

  1. The user interface is easy to use and understand
  2. Ensures utmost security and customer support
  3. Highly customizable
  4. Excellent loading speed for sites
  5. Offers robust marketing tools, high-end SEO specs, and eCommerce analytics
  6. Reliable payment gateway 

Shopify has tools to help you set up a website and start selling, no matter how big or small your business is. You can personalise the design of your store, choose how people pay for your products, and much more. Shopify has you covered. 

10 Reasons that Make Shopify the Best eCommerce Platform

Now let us discuss some of the perks that may assist you in developing your Shopify eCommerce store. 

Thousands of Available Themes

Shopify offers many themes, and you may find it challenging to choose the right one. You can select from multiple styles and layouts with over 100+ free and paid themes on the official store. However, despite their uniqueness, all Shopify themes have two common characteristics, i.e., Page Elements and Page Types. 

Easy to Set-up

Shopify has been a victim of a common misunderstanding that it is difficult to set up. However, this is not the case. Shopify development agency is here for your support and allows you to launch a store in minutes.

Speed & Security

Speed is a vital factor that contributes to the success of eCommerce sites. The faster your web page loads means, the more user retention on the site. As it helps you stimulate sales, Shopify also offers the best service in terms of security and integration among the payment providers. In addition, a built-in speed checker enables the users to complete payments with little loading time.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most of us use our smartphones to access the internet. In fact, research from Statista says that more than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. It means you must have a mobile-friendly theme for your eCommerce site. More than half of the themes on Shopify work well on phones. But if you have trouble, here’s a tip: look for themes designed for phones. It helps you to expand your business in the digital space.

Powerful Marketing Tools

You can access many marketing tools if you run a Shopify eCommerce store. These simple-to-use tools can assist you with marketing at a low cost. They help you with diverse marketing strategies, like giving away free things, using pop-up offers, leveraging social media, creating content, doing SEO, and more. You can use these tools as they assist you in taking your business to the next level as a seller. 

You can use these tools as they assist you in taking your business to the next level as a seller. Such as a Shopify email popup or a full screen gamified popup can help increase conversion rate, as your site visitors would be lured into playing an engaging wheel of fortune game, wherein one can win discounts in exchange for their email addresses, and thereby shop on your store through the coupon code. Such innovative small business marketing apps are designed by an expert like “Tada” that help companies increase their sales, subscribers and leads.

Reduces Errors & Data Duplicity Issues

Manual data entry has a significant possibility of errors and duplications. Using Shopify helps to avoid errors and duplicated data when you enter information into multiple fields or forms. Automated solutions simplify the data entry process. This removes data duplicity and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

Supports Multiple Languages

As a Shopify store owner, you may want to reach more people. Surely, you can offer international shipping. However, this is not enough. Your buyers may face issues understanding your products or services because of language limitations. Shopify has a premium version for this, i.e., Shopify Plus. You may upgrade to a Shopify Plus Plan if you wish to sell in multiple languages. 

Easy Payment options

You may include a sort of payment alternatives in your Shopify store that are secure and simple. These include credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, net banking, wallets, bank transfers, EMIs, and Paypal. Navigate to settings and choose the payment option in your Shopify admin.

Commendable Technical Support

Running an eCommerce will need some technological support. Shopify development services offer skilled customer service and technical assistance 24/7, so users may contact them anytime a problem arises. They can help you either over the phone or through chat. 

14-days Free Trial

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial which allows you to set up your own Shopify eCommerce store for free. The free trial period of your eCommerce begins the day you sign up and not on the day you start working for your store.

Note: If you upgrade to a premium subscription after your trial, you will not lose any of the work you completed on your eCommerce. 

Final Words

Different eCommerce platforms work differently for businesses. You need to find the platform that best fits your business needs and lets you focus on marketing and growth of your enterprise. Those mentioned above are the ten most agreed qualities that make Shopify the best eCommerce platform for any business. 

Shopify is ideal for aspiring eCommerce store owners looking for instant, ready-made solutions. Thousands of businesses have been created using Shopify. It is constantly improving, and it has top-notch features. It is easy to operate, cost-effective, and has many practical tools. It also comes with excellent customer service that is available 24/7. 

If you are looking to hire Shopify Developers who can assist in establishing an eCommerce store, you must hire someone who is experienced. With the help of professionals, you can take your business to the next level.

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