10 Popular Movie Character names for boys

Have you previously given birth to a beautiful baby? Is this your second time being a momma again? You might feel that similar excitement and intimidation while choosing your baby name. 

This time you may think of some unique baby names for your little munchkin. Let me give you an idea. Most of the parents, who want to do something extraordinary, prefer naming their baby after real heroes.

Top 10 Boys Names Inspired by Movie Character 

Selecting a baby name without perceiving his personality may feel like a bit challenging and truckloads of pressure too. In case he has arrived or about to arrive in the world, you must be finding a top-notch movie character name for boys. 

That’s why CocoFinder comes up with the 10 popular names inspired by the movie characters, which are trendy and most coveted.

Our list of baby boy names from the epic movies will help you in naming your bundle of joy. Do you want those names, which surely stand out from the crowd? Let’s have a look at the best boys’ names from movies.

  1. Lee

You could be a huge Bruce Lee fan, an eminent Hong Kong American actor, martial artist, director, and philosopher. He was one of the global sensations in the early 60s and 70s. He has made everyone awestruck by his superior performance in the movie ‘Enter the Dragon.’ 

The name became quite outdated in this era, but it is widely loved by British parents, meaning ‘meadow’ and ‘pasture.’ So, yeah, it would be a top-notch movie character name for boys!

  1. Jules

The obsession of a plethora of Quentin Tarantino fans’ started with Pulp Fiction. Samuel L. Jackson was praised for his alluring performance as Jules in the crime thriller, a hitman working abreast of John Travolta’s Vincent Vegaules. 

However, Tarantino’s mind just pops up with the name ‘Jules’ without any relatable thoughts. The name has both French and Latin origin, where it means ‘soft,’ ‘lively,’ and ‘downy.’ 

  1. Rhett

The name ‘Rhett’ gained immense popularity from the 1939s epic film based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel ‘Gone with the Wind took.’ There was a leading man for the job, playing the character of Rhett Butler, whose original name was Clark Gable. 

It proves that the name’s background is far lower key than those grand-scale movies and leads. ‘Rhett’ has both English and Dutch tradition, where it means ‘advice.’

  1. Darcy

Darcy is the best movie character name for boys from this list! Although it’s the surname of the stylish ‘Pride and Prejudice’ character, which was significantly acted by Colin Firth and countless eminent men over the years. 

Various people like to summon him as ‘Mr. Darcy,’ as against his first name Fitzwilliam. If you are rummaging for something charming and cute, ‘Darcy’ will be a premium choice! Nevertheless, it has more of Irish and French origin, and it means ‘from Arcy.’ 

Therefore, you might consider this epic baby boy name after the famous movie character.

  1. Lloyd

If you want to consider something extraordinary, this Welsh name, ‘Llyod’, will be a perfect one, which means ‘gray.’ 

In case you reminisce, it was the surname of ‘Back to the Future’s’ Doc Brown and the prominent first name of John Cusack’s disposition in the late 80s trendy movie ‘Say Anything.’ 

Numerous people will never forget the boombox scene, and that’s why it will be a great movie character name for boys!

  1. Aidan

The name ‘Aidan’ belonged to a good-natured furniture maker from the show of HBO’s Sex and the City. After that, it has exponentially enhanced in popularity, arising from no. 114 to hit the list at 39 in 2003. 

It has an alternative spelling, ‘Aiden,’ which is an enormously popular name, showcasing the other spelling in acquiring popularity after the year 2000. Now it has gained popularity of number 9 in 2011. 

So, ‘Aidan’ or ‘Aiden’ has become the most significant choice among every parent-to-be who are looking for trendy names. 

  1. Emmett

The name ‘Emmett’ has massive plunges in recent history! If your mom and dad are profound fans of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Emmett’ would be a timeless preference! The name ‘Emmett Cullen’ became highly popular from Stephanie Meyer’s movie ‘Twilight.’ 

Moreover, it was also a top-notch first name of ‘Doc’ Brown from the Back to the Future. However, the name mostly has German, Hebrew, and English amalgamation, which means ‘universal.’

  1. Marty

The name ‘Marty’ has reminisced Michael J. Fox’s character in the epic trilogy, ‘Back to the Future,’ which is mainly a trimmed version of Martin. However, it has also stemmed from Martinus, who is the secondary version of the Roman mythological god of war. 

The name has also emerged from St. Martin of Tours, who is mainly recalled due to splitting his cloak in two and offering half to a beggar. So, don’t you think the name has some potential and should be on your bucket list of movie character names for boys?

  1. Quill

If you are Sci-Fi fans, you must have a particular inclination towards this name! The renowned character is Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Therefore, it will be an eminent baby name based on a movie character that honors parent’s nerdom while denoting sufficiently refined for the Ivy League.

  1. Noah

Apart from ‘Noah’s’ biblical connections, the movie lovers also identify the name as one of the superior star characters in ‘The Notebook.’ The character is a truly romantic and a hard worker person, and parents want their baby boys to acquire such a positive trait! 

Concluding words

So, from Lee to Noah, the top 10 list of movie character names for boys have always been an inspiration to every parent out there! Hollywood attracts American taste in numerous ways, and it has impacted everything from cars and clothes to coiffures. 

Out of those top 10 lists, one will definitely be your choice and fit his personality too! Movies have always been the greatest inspiration while choosing baby names. It is hoped this list of baby boys’ names will work for your baby.