Marketing isn’t easy, especially when trying to distinguish your product from the hundreds of other products that are so similar as to be almost indistinguishable. That’s where using a bit of creativity comes in. Here are ten effective ways to boost your marketing game.

Way 1 Use a marketing copywriting company 

While many copywriting agencies are available, GR0, according to its website, helps your business make more money by hyper-focusing on organic search and empowering its clients to build powerful online brands. 

Way 2 Use social media effectively

Social media is one of the most significant ways of attracting new clients or customers to your business. Having influencers use your products or gush about its benefits is one of the trendiest ways of getting customers. 

Way 3 Don’t rely solely on text

Yes, marketing’s purpose may be to provide would-be customers information, so they can make a better-informed decision regarding purchasing your product or service. However, that doesn’t mean it should be presented as a boring “wall of text.” Change it up by adding interactive graphics, tools, pictures, video clips, sound bites, etc., to make visiting your site enticing.  

Way 4 Use educational tools

Educational tools are another way to engage your audience. These educational tools can be simple: giving away a free PDF, videos showing how your product works, interactive presentations, podcasts that discuss the “latest and greatest” breakthroughs in the industry, and even paid classes. By having company-related information in various educational formats, you’re better able to capture the attention of people who learn differently. 

Way 5 Style Counts  

Style is an area where you can easily cheat; none would likely be the wiser. And even if they know, it’s not as if they’d care all that much most of the time. The easiest way to make a guide for your company is to take an existing style guide, tweak it, and pass out handbooks on its use. Some of the more well-known guides are the following:

  • Associated Press (AP style)
  • The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)
  • MLA Handbook of Style (MLA) 
  • American Medical Association (AMA)  
  • American Psychological Association (APA, not to be confused with the AP guide)  
  • The Elements of Style. (“Strunk and White”)
  • Various style guides for specific industries & technologies

Remember that the concept of ‘style’ goes for more than capitalization. It also can extend to such things as:

  • Company Graphics 
  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Layout, including fonts & sizes
  • Usage of links 
  • Tone and message

Way 6 Use your company’s blog

A company that is not constantly producing more content for its audience is one that its customers will quickly forget. What types of things can a blog contain?

  • Industry News & how it relates to the company 
  • Company insights such as employee spotlights & Discussions on future plans
  • Congratulations on company-centric Awards or continuing education 
  • Special deals, coupons, or other types of recognition that only those that follow the blog would have access to
  • A “behind the scenes” look at how the company works
  • Unique pain points the company is going through that savvy job seekers can use to target their resumes to job openings

Way 7 Use longer-form pieces

Yes, the world likes tweets and other short-form content, but some pieces shouldn’t be attempted to be expressed in a microblog. Feel free to express yourself at length for those issues, ideas, and concerns that require longer pieces. Also, a segment of your audience would love to see the comprehensive information in one location, as opposed to needing to track down a dozen distinct sources. By allowing them to “scratch that itch,” you can gain a customer who always comes back to you for information.

Way 8 Test out different options 

Otherwise known as A/B testing, the idea behind doing such testing is to see the type of content your readers want to read. 

Maybe you can send one set of emails to one group and a unique set to another, at the end of the test, track which group was opened more and which had an increased clickthrough rate. 

Or maybe you can set up a few different sponsored ads. The specific ad and site that gets the best response put more money towards, possibly even canceling the ad and taking down the website combination that did poorly.

Way 9 Use Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an excellent way of getting traffic. Choose appropriate keywords and make sure they appear naturally throughout the text. Google and other search engines will determine your content’s authority and rank it. The more meaningful, accurate, and definitive the information provided is, the higher it will be ranked.   

Way 10 Paywalls can help get more customers

While some freebies are good, not everything can be or even should be free. The tool may help you with X# of words before prompting the user to buy their product. Or the first of six parts of a class is free, but to learn more, you need to buy a subscription. Provided that what’s being offered is helpful, a specific segment of people will be more than happy to purchase the product or service.          

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