10 College Courses to Take To Become a Web Designer

Web design takes a combination of creativity and tech knowledge. The first aspect allows you to come up with interesting layouts that look both amazing and practical, while the latter turns all that into an existing website. Of course, web designers don’t develop the whole site from scratch, but the knowledge of how to make it much easier to understand how everything works and what is possible to implement.

Here’s a list of the main things web designers a responsible for:

  • General layout (where every single part of the page is placed)
  • Fonts, color scheme, placement, size of the elements, animation, etc.
  • Positioning every element according to the plan
  • Adding interactive features (Videos, photos, etc.)
  • Testing the ready product and adjusting it to work as intended

Web design could be called website development for people who don’t enjoy coding that much. Of course, you still have to implement certain things with code, but there’s no need to program the core of it. You also have a lot of room for creativity, as long as the clients are ok with it.

All that makes this profession very attractive to students. It’s interesting, allows them to express themselves, depends on communication and professional knowledge, and provides a lot of experience in the IT-sphere. No wonder so many school graduates plan on becoming web designers.

However, most of them still run into the same question: “Do you need to enter college to become a professional?”. Well, there’s no clear answer, but in most cases, it is recommended to get a degree. The college will never do any bad. Studying there may be hard sometimes and take a lot of time, but don’t forget that you have all the benefits of the 21st century.

For example, there are countless services and platforms online to help you out. A learning management system can improve your efficiency, while an academic paper writing service is really useful when it comes to nerve-racking assignments. 

Most importantly, online courses exist and are probably the best way to study anything in modern realities. Study from wherever you want with your computer being the only must. It’s a very convenient way to gain knowledge and put it into practice immediately. 

To make things easy for you, we created a list of the best college online courses for web design.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/iEiUITs149M

Online Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development – Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University offers a great deal to everyone willing to study web design. By everyone we mean literally, everyone, as this is the most affordable course there is, with a price of under 5,000$. The whole course is held online, without a single instance when you’ll have to travel anywhere for college chores. And of course, it provides a great level of knowledge.

Online Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology – Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology gives students much more room for creativity. It is focused more on the artistic side of the profession, including things like graphic design, modeling, and so on. 3 years ago, in 2018, this educational facility was also called one of the most innovative ones in the country, meaning that you’ll receive only the most up-to-date information on every subject. And the price for the course is good too – 10,000$.

Online BS in Web Development – Franklin University

The best thing about this course from Franklin University is the opportunities it gives you. Firstly, you’ll be able to work on real projects and put your knowledge to use. This allows one to learn much faster and receive real professional experience from real designers and developers. The program costs 12,000$ and allows bachelors to enter master’s programs with the exact same focus.

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies: Web Design and Development – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University has one of the most expensive online courses out there. But it also provides students with almost the highest level of expertise they can get. It’s among the best universities for studying web design, as during their programs students learn a lot of different aspects that can be used in other fields too. But all that comes with a respective cost – 30,000$.

Online BS in Information Technology: Application and Database Development – Liberty University

The name of this educational program suggests that the range of knowledge you’ll receive is very wide. And that’s not bad in this case. The students will learn not only how to create and design websites, but also how to work with databases, connect them, and how to develop software in general. This is a great opportunity to become the ultimate universal developer. The price is 21,000$.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media Online – Art Institute of Pittsburgh

This institute in Pittsburgh specializes in teaching students how to use their creative side professionally, hence, the name. Similar to Arizona State University, this course approaches web design from its art aspect. It’s also a very good opportunity for everyone who’s planning on working in the digital media or communications industry, as these things will be focused on a lot during this program. And of course, it’s a 100% online course, costing 17,500$.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development Online – Independence University

The best part of this online educational program from Independence University is that you’ll learn not a single programming language, but multiple. It will provide you with many more opportunities in the future. And considering how well you’ll know web design and development, creating a project from scratch won’t be a problem for you. This degree has a price of 17,000$.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/FHnnjk1Yj7Y

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Web Technology Online – University of Maryland – University College

This is another great example of courses that teach students a wider range of subjects than just web design. It includes a lot of different aspects that will allow bachelors to become anyone they want in the IT industry – from a web designer to a system administrator or webmaster. Three different approaches can be chosen by students, making it even easier for them to learn. The price is very appealing too – 7,200$.

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems: Web Development – Baker College

Baker College teaches students how to become true professionals in web development. Programming language, project planning, web design, and all its intricate details – you’ll know everything. This is one of the best courses out there to study this particular field. 

And of course, after graduation, you’ll be able to join special graduate programs to gain even more experience and knowledge. The price – 10,000$.

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: Multimedia Development Certification – University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix decided that web development & design should be combined with all other aspects of IT, like programming, communication arts, and others, in one course. And it’s needed to say that they succeeded in making an ultimate course. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know in the IT-sphere. After graduation, you’ll become a specialist, who’s able to fulfill any demands, work on any project in any environment, All that for a price of 9,600$.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, different educational facilities offer different approaches. Some focus on only a few aspects, but with full dedication, while others prefer to provide students with a wide range of expertise. So, one should analyze their needs and professional desires to understand what they want to know and what they’ll be glad to put to use. But don’t be afraid to learn, as you’ll get a lot of precious knowledge anyway, so good luck!