10 best websites to download free ebooks in 2022

On the internet, there are two types of ebooks you can download: paid and free. The paid ebooks would include most new fiction ebooks. However, there are many sites that offer free ebooks for you to download to your device for as long as you would like.

These are the best websites with free books covering a wide variety of subjects, anything from romance novels to technical manuals. If you are love to read then you’ll love these places to find free books.

1. Google Play Books

Google eBookstore website

you’ll find a ton of free books in Google eBookstore.Books are available in several formats like bestsellers, favorite classics, and more. also, you can check out ratings and reviews from other users.

Read from the website or the mobile app.Requires a Google account.
Saves books in your online account.

2. The Online Books Page

the online book page website

The University of Pennsylvania maintains the online book page. You can browse these free books downloads with many filters.

They list over three million free books in dozens of different formats. The website home is pretty boring. But the long list of titles might make you a repeat visitor.

Dozens of different formats.Links to downloads on other websites
Offers partial searches.Extremely basic site.
Updates often.
Boasts over three million books.


ManyBooks website

ManyBooks is one of the best websites on the internet for free books. They all are completely free.You can also search by language, author, and genre. There are several download options such as FB2, RTF, HTML, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and more.

Great categorization makes finding what you love easier.Some books do cost money.
Variety of download formats.Some areas of the site haven’t been updated in more than a year.
Selection includes more than just classics and Creative Commons books.

4. International Children’s Digital Library

 International Digital Children's Library website

The International Digital Children’s Library is the place to find a good children’s book. You can browse the library by shape, format, genre, language, character,  and more.

Search by country recently added, and more.Links appear to be broken.
Large collection of international children’s books.The books are actually just images of scanned pages.

5.Archive.org’s eBooks and Texts

Internet Archive website

Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library. The free books on this site span every possible interest. The Internet Archive is great to access historical and academic books. There are several download options such as PDF, EPUB, and Kindle.

You can sort by view count or popularity.The site can be slow to respond.
Several downloading optionsIt can be difficult finding exactly what you want from numerous search results.
Books across a wide variety of interests.

6. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg website

Project Gutenberg is one of the largest free books on the web, with over 60,000 downloadable titles. You can browse the library by author name, title, language, or subjects. Books are available in Kindle, HTML, ePub, and simple text formats.

Top 100 list aids discoverability.The majority of books are in English only.
Wide variety of formats.Books may not be free outside the U.S.
Over 60,000 titles are available.

7. Open Library

Open Library website

The Open Library has more than one million free e-books available. You can easily browse by the title, author, and subject. You can search hundreds of thousands of books in multiple formats such as PDF, ePub, Daisy, and DjVu.

Multiple formats are available.Sponsoring requires a donation.
Readers can “sponsor” books they want to see on the site.Just pulls results from Archive.org.
A good alternative if Archive.org isn’t working for you.

8. Free-eBooks.net

Free-eBooks.net website

Free-eBooks.net offers a  variety of free books, ranging from fiction and non-fiction to textbooks, academic text, classics, and more

Some subcategories include advertising, parenting, humor, science, engineering, self-teaching, sci-fi classics, and poems.

a Large number of categories.You can only download five free books a month.
Also offers audiobooks.
The diverse selection of free books.

9. Wikibooks

Wikibooks website

Wikibooks (previously called Wikimedia Free Textbook Project and Wikimedia-Textbooks) is a collection of free books. Some subcategories include computer and engineering, science, humanities, languages, and more.

Offers community features like a forum.Small collection.
Wikijunior offers books for children 12 and under.Not all of the books are completed.
Wikimedia Cookbook offers a worldwide collection of recipes.Mostly just textbooks.

10. SlideShare

Slideshare website

Slideshare is an online forum where anyone can upload a digital presentation on any subject. Millions of people utilize SlideShare for sharing ideas, research,  and learning about new technologies.

A good place to find presentations, infographics, and more.Limited download options.
Registration required.
A lot of content isn’t free.

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