10 Best Rubber Wheel Chocks for 2022

If you are considering getting some wheel chocks, once you know the wheel chocking procedures then you should be looking at the wide variety of rubber wheel chocks that are out there for you to choose from. 

There are plenty to choose from, and some will offer different things. Of course, the ones you choose will depend heavily on your car, tire size, car weight, and more. 

So, to save you scouring the internet for hours on end to try and figure out which is the best for you. We will give you 10 options for the best rubber wheel chocks 

Rubber is not everyone’s choice, but it is hardy and waterproof, and it is not as heavy as some other materials, which makes it very beneficial for many people. So, if you want rubber chocks, here are 10 ideal options for you to choose from. 

 AFA Tooling 

AFA Tooling set of four wheel chocks is a great choice, and is our number one choice for rubber chocks. They are reliable, small, cheap, and easy to store. They are made from nylon reinforced rubber that is suitable for all weather conditions. 

They are twice as strong as typically rubber, and are resistant against dust, heat, dirt, ice, salt, sun, mud,and  sand. 

With 4 chocks instead of two, you can feel confident that your vehicle is not going anywhere without your permission! 

ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks Heavy-Duty Rubber

ROBLOCK is a very popular brand for wheel chocks. And this option is great. It is heavy-duty, so it works well for trucks and trailers. It also has a convenient rope that makes it simple to use. 

With high grip and an anti-slip design, you could not ask for a better set of wheel chocks. They are ideal for RV’s, trailers, boats, dumpsters, vans, and even horse trailers too! 

They even have a reflective surface for low light.

Genubi Industry 1 Pack

These chocks are a pack of two, and are extra heavy duty and extra large. They are ideal for all situations even for auto sops! 

They are made from recycled rubber, and so they can appeal to the eco-minded individual in you 

They are resistant to strong compression, and they are durable too. They are easily transportable, and have a non-slip base giving you all the grip you need. 

HOXWELL Rubber Wheel Chocks

Made in a triangle shape, they are ideal, and they work well on uneven surfaces. 

They are made with high-end premium rubber and are backed up more with reinforced nylon too. Ideal for trucks, ad campers, and aircrafts! They are easy to connect and keep safe with a touch rope that comes with them.

Jade Active Premium Rubber 

Similar to the previous ROBLOCK’s design, these chocks are made of a durable rubber and are applicable for many applications. 

They weigh only 4.2lbs each, so they are easy to move around, and still hold your car in place. They are slip and weather resistant, as well as being oil resistant too! 

MAXXHAUL 50019 Rubber

Shaped like a perfect triangle, these chocks are great. They have a 36” nylon rope for simple handling, and are suitable for aircrafts and cars alike. 

They also have reflective tape to make sure you always know where they are, and have a ribbed effect that keeps them durable for longer. 

Jack Boss Solid Wheel Chocks

These are great, able to stay in place for months on end. They are oil resistant and slip resistant with a rubber traction pad. They are weather resistant and durable. 

They can support a car, truck, or a boat and with their strong grip they keep your vehicle where it needs to be on bumpy surfaces. 

Vestil LWC-15 Laminated Rubber

These chocks come with a metal handle for positioning, and have a firm grip. They are accustomed to harsh weather conditions, and will not slip, tear or otherwise. 

They are super easy to use and get the job done. 

80681 2-Pack Heavy Duty 

Available on Amazon, these are 10” x 8” x 6”, perfect for cars and trucks. They can be attached to a chain if you want for extra security too. 

They are ideal, and do what you need them to do no more or less.

ROBLOCK 2 Pack Heavy-Duty For Trailer

More ROBLOCK chocks. They are heavy duty, and are lightweight and weather resistant. They are great for cars and RVs or ATVs, and will work perfectly. Not as great as their previous mention on our list, but still great.