10 Best Android and iPhone apps for ASMR videos

People use this ASMR technology-based video as a way to relax. ASMR is getting more popular day by day. Accordingly, people are looking for better ASMR apps with user-friendly features to get a tingling sensation. Therefore, we brought you the 10 best sensational ASMR apps to help you get rid of stress and anxiety.

Thousands of ASMR apps and games provide a satisfying experience with excellent recording features. Throughout the article, we look for the best ASMR apps for Android and iPhones and their unique features.

1. Tingles

Tingles App

The Tingles app is specially designed with sleep-quality ASMR relaxation techniques for Android and iPhone users. This helps people to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, users can enjoy offline mode with video downloading, landscape, and portrait orientation. 

Tingles is free, but in-app purchases are available to unlock advanced features. 

Visit here to download the app.

2. ASMR Slicing 

ASMR Slicing App

ASMR Slicing is a satisfying sensational object-cutting gaming app. This ASMR may not help you fall asleep, but it helps soothe your mind and gives a calm sensation to reduce stress. This game is free to download and has more levels to complete. 

ASMR Slicing is compatible with Android and iPhones with the features of a realistic object-slicing experience and HD-quality visual attractions. 

Visit here to download the app.

3. ASMR Breakfast

ASMR Breakfast App

You may get a most satisfying food-making experience through the ASMR Breakfast app and feel it is a delightful task. 

The ASMR Breakfast app is free for Android and iPhone users and already has the biggest user base. It is designed for all ages and has an attractive relaxing sensation with a user-friendly interface

Visit here to download the app.

4. Soap Cutting

Soap Cutting App

This app gives you the most satisfying soap-cutting and carving experience with a tingling sensation. Soap cutting app is coming up with 3D soothing sounds, color designs, and excellent graphics.

Soap cutting app is free for Android and iPhone users lucky to enjoy the goosebumps sensation to melt away the stress and anxiety. 

Visit here to download the app.

5. ASMRtist

ASMRtist App

ASMRtist is another app designed to make you fall asleep, and it is for iPhone users only. However, iPhone users are lucky enough to download it for free.

ASMRtist is designed with specialized features such as; 

  • An attractive dark layout
  • 36 different ASMR sounds, including crumpling paper and bonfire
  • Shuffle mood
  • A countdown timer for falling asleep
  • Can listen when the iPhone screen is locked

Visit here to download the app.

6. TeasEar

TeasEar App

TeasEar brings extremely satisfying content for iPhone users, which relieves stress and anxiety through its unique textures and substance. 

The most crucial feature of TeasEar contains 100+ textures to provide a real tactile experience. Its favorite textures are yoghurt, honey, and confetti.

Install TeasEar free and wipe out all your dullness and stress. 

Visit here to download the app.

7. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep App

People like the sounds of nature; it is usually a mind-relaxing sensation, but when it comes to the ASMR app, that feels awesome. This app is also created to give better sleep to its users. 

This app is available both on the App Store and Play Store with the features of various natural sounds and an easy and user-friendly UI design. Start enjoying your favorite sounds free from today to reduce stress and anxiety.

Visit here to download the app.

8. ASMR Sounds

ASMR Sounds App

ASMR Sounds like a list of sounds to choose from, such as; tapping, scratching, and spray sounds. In addition, it has 2 sections that provide 2 different types of sounds.

This app is designed with a tingling sensation to the sleep quality and provides meditation. While we can freely download this app without in-app purchases, Android and iPhone users can find the app at the AppStore and Play store.

Visit here to download the app.

9. Mindwell

Mindwell App

Mindwell helps people to reduce stress and anxiety. The app provides different sound waves which enable you to fall asleep quickly.

Mindwell allows its users to create their playlists as a unique feature. Even though this app is free to download for Android and iPhone users, it will enable some special features if only you access the paid plan.

Visit here to download the app.

10. AntiStress Games

AntiStress Games App

This can be a game, but it is created to release its player’s stress.

AntiStress Games are compatible with Android and iPhones. 

This app makes you forget all your pressure of mind while dealing with tons of fidget cubes. This is one of the best ASMR games you should ever try.

Visit here to download the app.


The 10 best Android and iPhone apps are listed above, which are designed to relieve stress and anxiety and let you fall asleep quickly.

You may get goosebumps with immense pleasure by trying out these ASMR apps.

Millions of people worldwide are getting more satisfaction through these apps by relieving their stress and anxiety. Enjoy these best apps on your mobile device and get a tingling feeling every day through slicing and cutting, ASMR cooking, and ASMR sounds.

What do you think?

Written by MSM Riham

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